Ferdinandeum: Ferdinand I of Bulgaria and the Europeanization of Bulgaria, presented in selected areas of government and society 1861  1887  1912
Фердинанд I и европеизацията на България, представена в избрани области на държавното управление и в обществото 1861 — 1887 — 1912 година
Category: Modern Bulgarian History
Language: Bulgarian


   The book analyzes the first 25 years of Ferdinand I of Bulgaria's reign. The author defines the publication as "a book about a person who is neither an angel nor particularly likable in character, but is a person without whom Bulgaria would not look the way it has become in just 25 years." The study examines areas of state development such as the army, officer corps, construction and architecture, communications, rail and sea transport, culture, education, science, public life, charity and others.


Table of contents

1. Двете Европи

2. Генезис и мисия

3. Армия и офицерски корпус

4. Архитектура, строителство, стил

5. Инфраструктура, транспорт, комуникации

6. Образование, наука, култура

7. Благотворителност, възпитание, светски живот

8. Европеизация чрез седмото изкуство


Publisher Faber
Language Bulgarian
Pages 836
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-00-1510-9
Creation date 2022
Size 21 х 29 cm

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