Collected papers in memory of Magdalina Stancheva (Serdica • Sredets • Sofia, vol. 6)
Language: Bulgairan with summaries in English


Table of contents /summaries/

V. Nikolov. D. Takorova, E. Sirakova. Burnt house at the Early Neolithic village of Slatina  Sofia

K. Shalganov. Archaeological research of the largo terrain (Nezavisimost sq.) in the city of Sofia 20092011 (preliminary release)

B. Bozhkova. Coins (2nd6th c.) from the archaeological excavations of the Nezavisimost sq. site, city of Sofia

I. Borisova-Katsarova. Notes upon fortification of Serdica (new data from the area of the western gate of the town)

V. Popova. Late Antique Corecom and Rila sites in Serdica I and their mosaics

M. Koleva. Athena from Serdica

N. Kirova. Collection of lamps in the fund of the Regional Historical Museum  Sofia

E. Pencheva. Keys and parts of locking mechanisms, discovered in a building from the Roman period in the area Dana Bunar, in the territory of the village of Georgi Dobrevo, Lyubimets municipality

V. Penchev. Three coins of Histieia, originating from Pernik region, from the fund of the National Museum of History  Sofia

Z. Dimitrov. Architectural details from Roman and Late Antique Serdica reused in the Boyana churh

B. Petrunova. Archaeology of Late Middle Ages in Bulgarian lands (the end of 14th17th century)

L. Boneva. The royal subject of museum communication of how the wake up the sleeping exhibition

M. Marinova. The contemporaneity and Bulgarian museum funds

A. Stanev. Buckle in cloisonné technique from Serdica


Publisher Regional Historical Museum – Sofia
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 228
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-90619-2-3
Creation date 2016
Size 16 х 24 cm

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