MaritsaIztok. Archaeological Research. Volume 2
In Bulgarian with short summaries in English


Table of contents /summaries/

B. Borisov. Mitio Kancev: Life and activities

K. Kancev. A Neolithic settlement in Krumovgrad

S. Cohadziev. A Postaeneolithic house from the Struma Valley

A. Radunceva. “Big cats” in Prehistoric religion reconsidered

V. Macanova. Crucified idols from the Junacite-tell (district of Pazardzhik)

L. Nikolova. A Karanovo VI settlement near village of Dabene (the Gorna Stryama Valley)

V. Gergov. Stone zoomorphic scepters discovered in the Prehistoric site TelisRedutite

V. Genadieva. The Early Bronze Age site near Nevestino, district of Kjustendil

S. Alexandrov. About the Cotofeni Culture burial rites

T. Kanceva-Ruseva. Pit-grave Culture burials from Tumulus No.2 (village of Pet Mogili, district of Nova Zagora)

K. Lestakov. An attempt of redating the Djadovo-tell building horizons IIV (Bzone Age)

S. Terzijska. Typology of the Bronze Age stone axes from the Junacite-tell, district of Pazardzik

T. Shalganova. About a decorative motive of the Lower Danubian Incrusted Pottery Culture

T. Popova. Archaeobotanical analysis from Madretz-tell and Iscritza settlement (preliminary report)

S. Cholakov. Anthropological characteristics of the Late Bronze Age population in the Upper Thrace

A. Gotzev. Investigations of the Early Iron Age in the Sazlijka Valley

K. Nikov. Pottery from a destroyed Early Iron Age settlement in Radnevo

K. Panajotova. Hocker-burrials from the Apollonia Pontica necropolis

G. Kitova. Excavations of the “Goljamata Mogila” near Madretz, MaritsaIztok Region (preliminary report)

G. Kovacev. Bronze antiques from the Historical Museum of Sliven

N. Tanceva-Vasileva. The Kabile religious life during the 2nd3rd century AD

K. Kalcev.Tumuli Eastern of Stara Zagora

D. Jankov. The oldest name of Stara Zagora

D. Nikolov. Where is the town of Sevastopolis located?

K. Velkov. Rescue excavations of a tumulus near village of Mednikarovo (district of Galabovo)

H. Buyukliev. On the problem about the spreading of Eastern cults in the admnistrative territory of Augusta Traiana

M. Minkova. The Roman coin treasure from the middle of the 3rd to the beginning of the 4th century, village Arnautino, district Stara Zagora

A. Dinkova. Late Roman coin treasure from Gorno Alexandrovo, disctrict of Sliven

G. Sheileva. Is the fortress near Glavan balzena?

M. Radeva. Bone applications and amulets from Sliven

T. Drazeva. Graffiti from a Middle Age church from the Markeli-fortress near Karnobat

Марица–Изток. Археологически проучвания. Том 2

Publisher Archaeological Museum "Maritsa–Iztok" – Radnevo
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 250
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
Creation date 1994
Size 21 х 29 cm

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