MaritsaIztok. Archaeological Research. Volume 1
In Bulgarian with a preface and summaries in English


     Reports on rescue archaeological excavations in the region of MaritsaIztok mine company, Southeastern Bulgaria 


Table of contents /summaries/


B. Borisov. Conditions, Problems and Prospects of Archaeological Investigations on the Territory of “MaritsaIztok”

I. Panayotov. Early and Middle Bronze Age Investigation in the Plain of Upper Thrace. New Problems

M. Kanchev. Necropolises from the Bronze Age on the Territory of “MaritsaIztok”

T. Kancheva-Ruseva. The Prehistoric Settlement “Ovcharitsa2” from the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age

D. Nikolov. Origins and Development of Towns on the Balkan Peninsula

R. Georgieva. Researches on the Iron Age on the Territory of “MaritsaIztok”

C. Buyukliev. Grave Constructions and Burial Rites in Thracian Mound Necropolises from the Roman Period in “MaritsaIztok”

D. Yankov. Medieval Christian Necropolises on the Territory of “MaritsaIztok”

I. Yordanov. Byzantine Lead Seals from the Lower Reaches of the Tundja and Maritsa Rivers

I. Panayotov, K. Leshtakov, S. Alexandrov, I. Zmeikov, T. Popova, T. Stefanova. The Settlement Mound of Galabovo  Late Chalcolithic, Early and Middle Bronze Age

B. Borisov. The Medieval Settlement and the Necropolises near the Village of Znamenosets

G. Dankova, K. Velkov, K. Nikov. Rescue Excavations at the “Staroselets”-site in 1990  

Марица–Изток. Археологически проучвания. Том 1

Publisher Archaeological Museum "Maritsa–Iztok" – Radnevo
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 358
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
Creation date 1991
Size 21 х 29 cm
Citation Панайотов, Иван и др. Марица-Изток: археологически проучвания. Раднево: Експедиция "Марица-Изток", 1991.

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