Corpus of the Medieval Bulgarian Seals. Second revised edition (PliskaPreslav, Volume 12)
Корпус на средновековните български печати
Language: EnglishBulgarian (bilingual)
Category: Sigillography


Table of contents


Part one: The seals of the First Bulgarian Kingdom

Chapter I: Seals of the rulers of Great Bulgaria

I.1. Signet rings of Kubrat, patrikios (635665)

Chapter II: Seals of the Bulgarian rulers until the Christianization

II.1. Lead seal of Mauros, patrikios and archon of the Sermesianoi and the Bulgaroi (682684)

II.2. The seal of the caesar Tervel (705721)

II.3. Lead seals of Telerig-Theophylactos patrikios (after 777)

II.4. Chrysobulls? (medallions) of Khan Omurtag (814831)

Chapter III: Seals of the Bulgarian rulers after the Christianization

III.1. Seals of Michael I (864889, 907)

III.1a. Michael archon of Bulgaria (864889)

III.1b. Michael monk and archon of Bulgaria (889907)

III.2. Seals of Symeon I the Great (893927)

III.2a. Symeon archon of Bulgaria (893?)

III.2b. Symeon peace-making basileus (913?)

III.2c. Symeon basileus Rhomaion (?927)

III.2d. Symeon basileus (913927)

III.3. Seals of Peter I (927969)

III.3A. Peter I and Maria Lakapena (927945)

III.3A.a. Peter and Maria, basileis of the Bulgarians (927?)

III.3A.b. Peter and Maria, autokrators basileis of the Bulgarians (940s)

III.3A.c. Peter and Maria, pious basileis (940s950s)

III.3B. Peter I, sole ruler (945969)

III.3B.a. Peter basileus of the Bulgarians (945?)

III.3B.b. Peter basileus (945?)

III.3B.c. Peter despotes (963-969)

III.3B.d. Peter I tsar of the Bulgarians (?969)

III.3B.d.1. Bronze die of Peter I tsar of the Bulgarians

III.3B.d.2. Lead seals of Peter Caesar

III.4. Seals of anonymous Bulgarian rulers (IXX c.)

Chapter IV. Seals of heirs to the throne and bagaturs

IV.1. John bagatur and heir to the throne (927?)

IV.2. Michael bagatur and heir to the throne (IXX c.)

IV.3. N., bagatur of the Bulgarians basileus (X c.)

Chapter V. Seals of various titulars in medieval Bulgaria (IXX c.)

V.1. Peter megas kourator of the archontes of Bulgaria

V.2. Seals of Gregorios magistros of the Bulgarians (X c.)

Chapter VI. Seals of the Bulgarian church (864971)

VI.1. Isaiah bishop of Bulgaria (IX c.)

VI.2. Nicholas bishop of Θεοβουλείας (IX c.)

VI.3. George archbishop of Bulgaria (?889)

VI.4. John archbishop of Bulgaria (last quarter of IX c.)

VI.5. George monk and synkellos of Bulgaria (?971)

Chapter VII: Seals with rune-like signs from Bulgaria (second half of IX c.)

VII.1. Lead seal of Euphymius with the sign IYI (late IX c.)

VII.2. Unidentified seal with the sign IYI (second half of IX c.)

VII.3. Seal with IYI and a cross (second half of IX c.)

Part two: The seals of the Second Bulgarian kingdom

Chapter I. Seals of the Bulgarian rulers

I.1. Seals? of the Theodore basileus Rhomaion (11851190)

I.2. Seals of John, basileus of the Bulgarians (XIIXIII c.)

I.3. Seals of John Asen I (11861196)

I.4. Seals of Tsar Kaloyan (11971207)

I.5. Seals of Tsar Boril (12071218)

I.6. Chrysobull of Tsar John Asen II (12301241)

I.7. Seals of Tsar Micho Asen (12561263)

I.8. Seals of Tsar Constantine Asen (12571277)

I.9. Seal of the Bulgarian Tsarina Irene (XIII c.)

I.10. Seals of Tsar Ioan Alexander (13311371)

I.11. Seals of Tsar John Shishman (1371ж1393)

Chapter II. Seals of the Bulgarian church

II.1. Lead seal of Patriach Visarion (mid XIII c.)

II.2. Lead seal of Patriarch Symeon (1340s)

Chapter III. Seal dies from the Second Bulgarian kingdom

III.1. Bronze die of Peter I (?969)

III.2. Pendent bronze bivalve seal of Micho Asen (12561263)

III.3. Lead die for wax seals of Tsar John Shishman (13711393)

III.4. Bronze seal medallion of Raphael (XIVth c.)

III.4.a. Die for wax seals of Sebastos Dobromir (XIVth c.)

III.5. Bronze dies featuring a double-headed eagle from XIVth c.

III.6. Limestone die for wax seals

III.7. Lead stamp for wax seals

III.8. Metal (bronze) stamp for wax seals

Chapter IV. Signet rings of Bulgarian dignitaries

IV.1. Besar’s signet ring (first half of XIVth c.)

IV.2. Vitomir’s signet ring (XIth c.)

IV.3. Damar’s signet ring (first half of XIVth c.)

IV.5. Dobroslav’s ring (XIIIthXIVth c.)

IV.6. Kaloyan’s signet ring (XIIth c.)

IV.7. Signet ring of Peter, pinkernes and cousin of the tsar (XIVth c.)

IV.8. Radoslav’s signet ring (XIVth c.)

IV.9. Seno’s ring (XIIIthXIVth c.)

IV.10. Signet ring of Siso (late XIVth c.)

IV.11. Signet ring of Slav, stolnik of the tsar (XIIIXIV c.)

IV.12. Signet ring of the sword-bearer Tagchi (XIIXIV c.)

IV.13. Signet ring of Hinat sebastos (XIIIthXIVth c.)

IV.14. Hodor’s signet ring (XIIIthXIVth c.)

IV.15. Signet ring of Hodor (XIIIthXIVth c.)

IV.16. Signet ring of Hriz XIIIthXIVth c.)

Addenda et corrigenda

Index of name, titles and offices inscribed on the Bulgarian seals




Корпус на печатите на Средновековна България

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language English, Bulgarian
Pages 308
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-9472-46-2
Creation date 2016
Size 21 x 29 cm

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