Medieval Melnik. From the end of the twelfth to the end of the fourteenth century.
The historical vicissitudes of a small Balkan town.


Table of contents




Part I: Melnik and the Balkans from the End of the 12th to the End of the 14th Century

Chapter One: Melnik in the Middle Ages  Geography, Demography and Social Composition

Geography and Topography

Demography and Social Structure

Arts, Crafts and Industries

Chapter Two: Melnik in the Context of Bulgarian History

Melnik under the Second Bulgarian Tsardom

Melnik’s Zenith: Capital of the Principality of Despot Alexios Slavos

Back under the Bulgarian Crown

Chapter Three: Melnik in the Byzantine Tradition

Melnik within the Balkan Policies of John III Ducas Vatatzes

Dragota’s Revolt: An Attempt to Break Free from the Byzantine

Political Model

Between Andronikos II and Andronikos III: Melnik and the Byzantine

Civil War of 13211328

Chapter Four: Melnik under the Serbian Nemajna Dynasty

Between Byzantium and Serbia: Melnik and Chrelijo

Serbian Dependency: Melnik under Stepahn Dušan (13311355)

Chapter Five: Melnik and Balkan Politial Separatism in the Second Half of the 14th Century

Melnik and the Principality of Serres

Melnik and the Principality of the Dragaši

Part II: Melnik and Mount Athos during the 13th and 14th Century

Chapter Six: The Monastery of Saint George as a Subsidiary/Metochion of Iviron  

Chapter Seven: The Monastery of Spelaiotissa as a Subsidiary/Metochion of Vatopedi

Chapter Eight: The Monastery of Pantanassa as a Subsidiary/Metochion of Vatopedi









Елена Костова. Средновековният Мелник

Publisher The American Research Center in Sofia
Language English
Pages 236
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-92571-3-7
Creation date 2013
Size 16 х 24 cm

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