Codex (condica) of the Zographou Monastery (17341816)
Кондика на Зографската света обител (1734—1816 г.)
Category: Slavic manuscript tradition (15th
18th c.)


   The book publishes an important written monument from the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century  the earliest codex (condica) in Bulgarian language kept in the library of the Zographou Monastery in Mount Athos. The document is a valuable source for monastic culture and social history. It contains rich information about the members of the monastery brotherhood and about the way Zographou Monastery functions under idiorrhythmic monasticism, shedding light on the travels of the Zographou's itinerant monks (taxidiots) and on their contacts with Christians from all over the Balkans and beyond. The written monument provides information about the professions and financial capacity of the inhabitants of many Bulgarian settlements, as well as about the mobility and communication networks in a period of important transformation processes.




Принципи на превода

Наборен текст и превод на съвременен български език

Факсимилно издание

Просопографски бележки

Използвана литература

Речник на непознатите, остарелите и чужди думи

Географски показалец

Предметен показалец


Publisher Foundation "Heritage of the Zograph Monastery"
Language Church-Slavonic, Greek
Pages 1168
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-770-462-6
Creation date 2020
Size 21 х 29 cm

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