Sources for Bulgarian history. Volume 33: Greek sources for Bulgarian history. Volume 13: Works of Demetrios Chomatenos relating to Bulgarian history. Various works. Life of Saint Clement of Ohrid
Извори за българската история. Том ХХХІІІ. Гръцки извори за българската история. Том ХІІІ
Category: Mediaeval History
Language: Bulgarian


   Demetrios Chomatenos, a Byzantine priest and judge, was an Archbishop of Ohrid from 1216 to 1236. His comprehensive legal education allowed him to exert substantial influence as judge, arbiter, confessor and advisor to the Byzantine imperial house. This makes him a characteristic representative of a time where judicial power was devolving from the weakened secular authorities to the Church, and also one of the last legal practitioners in full command of Justinian's laws as recovered by the Macedonian legal renaissance. Chomatenos' court at Ohrid was a rare centre of stability and law in an uncertain and tumultuous era. Some 150 of Chomatenos' case files have survived, allowing to construct a reasonably complete picture of the legal and institutional framework of the late Byzantine Empire.
Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Language Bulgarian
Pages 172
Illustrations -
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-245-296-4
Creation date 2023
Size 21 х 24 cm

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