Grigor Nachovich — The Beelzebub
Григор Начович — Велзевула
Category: Modern Bulgarian history
Language: Bulgarian


   Grigor Nachovich (18451920) was a Bulgarian statesman, one of the founders of post-liberation Bulgaria. Beelzebub is the Phoenician god of evil. This nickname was undeservedly given to Grigor Nachovich by his political opponents. He contributed to the revolutionary struggle and the Russo-Turkish war of liberation; he participated in the Constituent Assembly for the drafting of the Bulgarian constitution (1879), first finance minister of the Principality of Bulgaria, he held various ministerial positions in many governments, diplomatic ambassador and adviser, mayor of Sofia  he never wanted to become a prime minister. Even his opponents included him as a minister in their governments, saying: "There is Nachovich, there is a government."


Publisher East-West Publishing
Language Bulgarian
Pages 176
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-01-0676-0
Creation date 2020
Size 16 х 24 cm

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