Grigor Nachevich (Series Duty and honor)
Григор Начевич (поредица „Дълг и чест“)
Category: Post-Liberation period

Language: Bulgarian


   Grigor Nachevich (18451920) was a Bulgarian politician and diplomat. One of the early leaders of the Conservative Party and the country's first Minister of Finance, he served as a minister in a number of Bulgarian governments from the late 1879 to 1900, and was also mayor of Sofia in 18961897.
   Nachevich was born in the Danubian town of Svishtov in central northern Bulgaria to the family of a wealthy Bulgarian merchant. He studied at the Greek-language school in Svishtov, at a French-language college and at economy schools in Paris and Vienna. He graduated in political economy in Paris and returned to Svishtov to work as a merchant. In 1866, he headed the local revolutionary committee aimed at liberating Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.
   After Filip Totyu's armed detachment invaded Bulgaria in 1867, Nachovich was forced to flee to Bucharest, Romania, fearing government persecution due to his involvement in the revolutionary movement. In Romania, Nachovich co-operated with the Band of Virtues, a Bulgarian expatriate organisation, and financed volunteer participation in the Belgrade-based Second Bulgarian Legion. In 1868, he settled in Vienna. In the capital of Austria-Hungary, he worked at the local branch of his father's trading company. He founded the literary society Progress and contributed to various French and German-language newspapers. During the Serbo-Turkish conflict in 1876, Nachovich aided Bulgarian volunteers who assisted the Serbian forces. For the course of the Russo-Turkish War two years later, Nachevich served at the Russian general staff.
   After the Liberation of Bulgaria in the wake of that war and the establishment of the Principality of Bulgaria, Nachovich became a prominent figure in conservative Bulgarian politics. He was minister of finance in the first ever Bulgarian government headed by Todor Burmov as well as three years later (1879 and 18821883), minister of external affairs and religion (18791880), assistant-mayor of the capital Sofia (18801881), minister of internal affairs (1882), and member of the State Council during Prince Alexander Battenberg's personal régime (18811883). As the regime ended, Nachevich also headed the ministry of finance during Dragan Tsankov's coalition government (18831884). In 1882, he became a correspondent member of what is today the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; in 1884, he became a full member.
   In 1884, Nachevich was appointed Bulgaria's diplomatic representative in Bucharest, Romania, a post he formally held until 1889. After Prince Alexander's dethronement in 1886, Nachevich returned to the country to serve as minister of finance in several governments from 1886 to 1888. From 1889 to 1891, Nachovich represented Bulgaria in Vienna, Austria-Hungary, only to return to Bulgaria as a minister of finance and minister of internal affairs (18911892 and 18941896), mayor of Sofia (1896–1897) and minister of commerce and agriculture (18991900). From 1903 to 1906, Nachevich was Bulgarian diplomatic representative in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire. In 1913, he took part in the Treaty of London negotiations during the Balkan Wars.

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Старият Свищов



Под натиска на йезуитите

Гонитба за знания и наука

Революционна дейност

Във вихъра на борбите

В служба на родината

По стъпките на свободата

Човекът Григор Начевич и несполучливият му брак

Изпълнявал своя отечествен дълг

В лагера на старите

Стоител на България

Дипломатическият подвиг

Последни години

Всякога на пост




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