Proceedings of the First International Roman and Late Antique Thrace Conference: Cities, Territories and Identities, Plovdiv, 3rd7th October 2016 (Bulletin of the National Archaeological Institute, vol. 44). Editors: Lyudmil Vagalinski, Milena Raycheva, Dilyana Boteva, Nicolay Sharankov.  


Table of contents


Cities and Landscapes

M. Parissaki. In Search of Territories in Southwestern Thrace: The Peraia of Samothrace, the Strategy of Korpilike and the Civitas of Traianopolis

C. Kallintzi. The Roman City of Abdera and Its Territory

M. Sayar. Settlements in the Territory of a New Capital in Late Antiquity. A Contribution to the Historical Geography of the Land to the West of Constantinople in Late Antiquity

S. Petrova. Nicopolis ad Nestum and Its Place in the Ancient Road Infrastructure of Southwestern Thracia

D. Popova. Influence of Landscape and Climate Conditions on the Urban Fabric of Philippopolis in Antiquity

M. Martinova, N. Sharankov. The Ancient Theatre of Philippopolis (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

D. Boteva, R. Milcheva. An Attempt at Enriching the Information on the Fortification of Colonia Flavia Pacis Deultensium

L. Vagalinski. Chronology of the Late Antique Fortifications of Deultum (Archaeological Data)

Administration and Diplomacy

N. Sharankov. Notes on Governors of Roman Thrace

D. Terzopoulou. Roman Thrace: Diplomacy and the Greek Cities of the Aegean Coast

K. Clinton, N. Dimitrova. C. Iulius Rhaskos, Son of Rhoimetalkes, at Samothrace

Identities and Influences

S. Yanakieva. Language and Ethnic Identity of the Thracians during the Roman Age and Late Antiquity

C. Cenati. Thrakische und moesische Regionen in Weih- und Grabinschriften stadtrцmischer Soldaten (1.3. Jh. n. Chr.)

I. Topalilov. Thracian Veterans and the Pseudo-Tribes

A. Tataki. On Some Personal Names of Thrace

É. Wolff. La Thrace entre mythe et histoire: l'exemple de Claudien

U. Peter. Identitätskonstruktionen in der Münzprägung von Philippopolis (Thracia)

L. Grozdanova. Searching for Identities in the Coinage of Pautalia

J. Nollé. Dionysos in Roman Imperial Thrace  What Do the Coins Tell Us about Him?

M. Guzmán. What Was “Thracian” in the Cult of Dionysos in Roman Thrace?

N. Gavrilović. Thracian Influence in Asia Minor Mystery Cults in the Eastern Parts of the Roman Provinces in the Central Balkans

Z. Dimitrov. Anatolian Elements in the Order Architecture of Philippopolis

D. Delchev, M. Raycheva. The Lesicheri Pillar and the Transfer of Funerary Architecture Trends from Bithynia to Roman Thrace

A. Biernacki, E. Klenina. The Image of Sphinx in Roman Sculpture from Lower Danube Fortresses


A. Kolb. Transport in Thracia

M. Tasaklaki. The Presence of Roman and Provincial Coins in Aegean Thrace: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

E. Klenina, A. Biernacki. Mensae Ponderariae from the North-Western Black Sea Region. Preliminary Approach

A. Harizanov. Urban Ceramic Workshops in the Province of Thrace during the Principate: The Archaeological Evidence from Bulgaria

D. Dobreva. Thracian City Economy as Part of the Global Sinopean Wine Trade

M. Chryssaphi. Roman Lamps from Abdera

K. Koseva. Roman Glass from Serdica

V. Čistakova, Z. Clíová. Roman Glass Finds from Yurta-Stroyno. A Preliminary Report

Conflict and Transition

V. Dintchev. Town and Church in Late Antiquity. Architectural and Urbanistic Dimensions

F. Reed. No City is an Island: The Impact of the Cities of Late Antique Thracia on Provincial Ecclesiastical Construction

S. Mitchell. Hard Times? Philippopolis in the Fourth Century

H. Preshlenov. Late Antique Mesembria: (Re)Shaping of Public Spaces

M. Mirković. The Roman Army and Roman Cities

A. Sarantis. The Strategic Role of Thracian Fortifications in the Balkan Wars of Late Antiquity

I. Piso. Das verhängnisvolle Jahr 262 und die amissio Daciae

G. Berndt. Theoderich vs. Theoderich. Zur Konkurrenz gotischer Warlords im Osten des Römischen Reiches

A. Biernacki, Ł. Rуżycki. Early Byzantine Arms and Weapons from the Episcopal Complex in Novae

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language English, German, French
Pages 468
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 0323-9535
Creation date 2018
Size 21 x 29 cm

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