Under the Shadow of Stalin and Hitler (World War II and the Fate of the European Nations, 19391941). Volume V: Who/Whom?
Под сянката на Сталин и Хитлер. Том V. Кой кого?
Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English
Category: World War II


     The fifth volume, the last in a series, devoted to the fate of European nations during the Stalin-Hitler alliance, presents the military coup in Belgrade, preparations for the invasion in Yugoslavia, the occupation regime in Belgium, the capitulation of Greece, bargaining about the new borders in Southeast Europe, the anti-British uprising in Iraq, the fall of Crete, Hitler's talks with Boris III of Bulgaria, Ante Pavelic and Ion Antonescu, the German declaration of war against Soviet Union.


Table of contents

Chapter One. The Serbian Chalenge

1.The Military Coup in Belgrade and Matsuoka’s Talks in Berlin

2. Preparations for the Assault on Yugoslavia

3. Hungarian Prime Minister Teleki’s Suicide and the Yugoslav-Russian Treaty

Chapter Two. The Destruction of Yugoslavia

1. The Assault on Yugoslavia and Greece

2. The Independent State of Croatia

3. The Russian-Japanese Nonaggression Pact and the Recognition of Croatia’s “Independence”

4. The Occupation Regime in Belgium, the Partition of Yugoslavia, and the Suicide of Greek Prime Minister Koryzis

Chapter Three. The Surrender of Greece

1. The Three Greek Surrenders and the Vienna Talks between von Ribbentrop and Ciano

2. The Further Bargaining about the New Borders in Southeastern Europe

3. Tsolakoglou’s Puppet Government in Greece

4. The Anti-British Uprising in Iraq and Stalin’s Decision to Assume a State Position

Chapter Four. Stalin’s Warming-Up for Attack

1. Stalin’s Speech to the Cadets

2. The Struggle for Europe and the Near East

3. The Reckless Flight of Rudolf Hess

4. Updating the Russian Plans for an Assault on Germany

5. The German Landing on Crete, the Negotiations between Berlin and Ankara, and the General Staff Talks between the Reich and Finland

6. The Fall of Crete

Chapter Five. Hitler and Stalin Before Collision

1. Stalin’s Shadow over Europe, the Ongoing German-Turkish Negotiations, and the German-Finnish Military Agreement

2. Hitler’s Talks with Boris III, Ante Pavelić, and Ion Antonescu

3. Another “Peace” Declaration of the Soviet News Agency

4. The Accession of Croatia to the Three-Power Pact and the German-Turkish Friendship and Non-Aggression Pact

5. The German Declaration of War on Russia

Conslusions and lessons

Index of geographic and ethnic names

Index of personal names

Primary and secondary sources

English summary

Contents by volumes


Publisher New Bulgarian University
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 1042
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-535-944-6
Creation date 2017
Size 16 х 24 cm

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