Under the Shadow of Stalin and Hitler (World War II and the Fate of the European Nations, 19391941). Volume III: The Partition of Europe
Под сянката на Сталин и Хитлер. Том III. Подялбата на Европа
Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English
Category: World War II


    In the third volume of the five-volume work the reader will find a detailed account of how Stalin took his share of the spoils, destroying Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and annexing Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina, going beyond preliminary agreements with Hitler. Shocked by the rapid Soviet expansion, the German dictator brutally imposed his decision on Hungary's claims to Transylvania, but secured the remaining Romanian territory, provoking sharp reactions from the Soviet leader.


Table of contents

Chapter One. The Annexation of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina

1. The Soviet Claims on Romania and the French-Italian Armistice

2. The “Limited” Invasion of Romania by the “Red Army” and the Threats to Switzerland and Eire

3. The Claims of Bulgaria and Hungary, and the Soviet Occupation of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina

Chapter Two. The Sovietization of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

1. The Lithuanian Prime Minister Krėvė-Mickevičius in Moscow

2. The Soviet-Nazi Blackmail on Europe and the Hungarian-Romanian Antagonism

3. The British Blow to the French Navy and the Further Sovietization of the Baltic Countries

4. The End of the Third Republic in France

5. Voting the Stalin Way in the Baltic Countries

6. Switzerland’s “Circular Defense” and the “Sea-Lion” Plan

7. The Baltic “Soviet Republics”, Stalin’s Threats to Hitler and Hitler’s Decision to Wage a War on Stalin

Chapter Three. The Soviet-Nazi Alliance in Crisis

1. Germany’s “Diplomatic Offensive” in Europe and Stalin’s War Preparations

2. The Romanian, Bulgarian, and Slovak Statesmen Visiting Hitler

3. The German Blackmail on Switzerland and the German Attempt to Engulf Economically Denmark

4. The Place of Russia in Hitler’s Plans and Actions

5. Romania in the Face of the Hungarian and Bulgarian Territorial Demands

6. Britain and Germany in Front of a Decisive Battle

7. Europe under the Crossfire of Soviet, Nazi, and Fascist Appetites

Chapter Four. The Beginning of the Battle for England

1. The German Air Raids on England

2. Further Romanian-Hungarian and Romanian-Bulgarian Negotiations

3. The Assassination of Trotsky and the Failure of the Danish-German and Romanian-Hungarian Negotiations

4. Hitler’s Difficulties with Stalin and Mussolini, and the British and “Free French” Resistance

Chapter Five. The Second Vienna Award

1. The German-Italian Diktat on Romania and Hungary

2. The Ion Antonescu Government, the Abdication of Carol II, and the Craiova Agreement

3. Hitler between Russia and Japan against the Anglo-Saxon Democracies, and Switzerland’s “State of Siege”

4. The Updating of Russia’s War Plans on Germany and the Three-Power Pact Preparations

5. Serrano Súñer’s Visit to Germany and the Reversal of the Battle for England

6. The Dakar Operation and the Negotiations for a German-Italian-Spanish Alliance

Conslusions and lessons

Index of geographic and ethnic names

Index of personal names

Primary and secondary sources

English summary

Contents by volumes


Publisher New Bulgarian University
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 694
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-535-869-2
Creation date 2015
Size 16 х 24 cm

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