European Security System and the Balkans in the Cold War Years (1970s1990s)
Language: Bulgarian


Table of contents


Chaper I. Regional security structures in Europe after World War II

1. The Balkans and division of Europe

2. The Western Union: From Brussesls to Washington treaties

3. The Atlantic solidarity

4. The Soviet model of a regional security system

5. The Balkan pact: An inthinkable union during  the Cold War era

Chapter II. From confrontation to détente and dialogue

1. Inter-bloc confrontation in a peace time

2. Intra-bloc crises

3. The origins of the détente and European dialogue

Chapter III. The Helsinki process for European security (19791989)

1. Preliminary preparation for the CSCE

2. CSCE sessions in Helsinki and Geneva: Phases, positions, results

3. The MBFR negotiations in Vienna

4. The Belgrade follow-up meeting: A failure or new start

Chapter IV. The European process and the Cold War end

1. The las confrontation wave

2. The Soviet policy in Eastern Europe

3. The landmark security negotiations

4. A transition to multilateral cooperation in the Balkans



Sources and bibliography

Системата за европейска сигурност и Балканите в годините на Студената война

Publisher Damyan Yakov
Language Bulgarian
Pages 464
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-527-485-5
Creation date 2010
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