Archaeological Studies in the Southern Section of Trapezitsa. Volume I: The Medieval Town


The book presents the results of the archaeological studies in the southern section of the medieval town of Trapezitsa  the second citadel of the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom  Tarnovo. The archaeological excavations covered one of the most actively inhabited parts of the hill. In Bulgarian with a summary in English.


Table of contents


Chapter I. Archaeological Research of the Trapezitsa Fortress  Achievements, Perspectives, Problems

Chapter II. Stratigraphy, Periodization and Chronology

II.1. Stratigraphy and Periodization

II.2. Chronology

II.2.1. Antique Coins of Medieval Site

II.2.2. First (I) Medieval Period (30s of the 13th Century). Dating of the Construction of Trapezitsa Fortress Facilities

II.2.3. Second (II) Habitation Period (40s of the 13th  Middle of the 14th Century)

II.2.4. Third (III) Habitation Period  Residential Quarter (1350  1400)

II.2.5. Fourth (IV) Period. End of Habitation and Late Interventions

II.3. Conclusion

Chapter III. Archaeological Structures and Architecture in the Southern Sector of the Medieval Trapezitsa

III.1. First (I) Period  Construction of the Fortress Facilities

III.2. Втори (II) Habitation Period  Creation of the Urban Environment

III.3. Трети (III) Habitation Period  Creation of the Residential Quarter and Flourishing  of the Urban Life

III.4. Fourth (IV) Period. “Period of the Activity Decline”

Chapter IV. Urban Plannig Development of Trapezitsa South Terrace in the Context of Medieval Tarnovo

IV.1. Creation of the Medieval Urban Environment

IV.1.1. Construction of the Trapezitsa Fortress

IV.1.2. Beginning of Urban Life

IV.2. Production Zone or Marginal Territory  Trapezitsa South Terrace during the First Half of 14th Century

IV.3. Residential Quarter on Trapezitsa South Terrace  Flourishing of the Urban Life

IV.4. Restoration of the Architecture  a Hypothetical Reconstruction

IV.4.1. Common Principles of the Restoration

IV.4.2. Buildings from the Quarter

IV.4.3. Fortress Facilities

Chapter V. Findings from the Site

V.1. The Dwelling

V.1.1. The Dwelling as a Building

V.1.2. Kitchen and Table

V.1.3. Furniture and Lighting

V.1.4. Personal Hygiene

V.2. Crafts

V.2.1. Production and Processing of Cloth, Tailoring

V.2.2. Leather-Working and Shoe-Making

V.2.3. Wood Processing

V.2.4. Bone and Horn Processing

V.2.5. Metal-Working

V.3.Trade 3

V.4. Agriculture, Fishing, etc.

V.5. Jewellery and Articles of Dress

V.5.1. Jewellery

V.5.2. Buttons

V.5.3. Belts and Belt Fittings

V.6. Armaments and Accoutrements

V.6.1. Weapons

V.6.2. Armour

V.6.3. Horse-furniture

V.7. Objects Related to the Christian Cult

V.8. Literacy and Written Culture

V.8.1. Book Hasps and Parts of Book-Cover, Objects for Writing

V.8.2. Graffiti, Inscriptions and Underglaze Monograms

V.9. Seals, Lead Seals and Seal Apposition Devices

V.10. Games and Entertainment

V.11. Architecture Decoration Elements

V.12. Objects with Unknown Purpose

V.13. Conclusion

Chapter VI. Medieval Pottery 5

VI.1. Plain Pottery

VI.1.1. Kitchen Ware  Vessels

VI.1.2. Table Ware  Vessels

VI.1.3. Fragment Material for Kitchen and Table Ware

VI.1.3.1. Forms

VI.1.3.2. Decorations

VI.1.4. Ware with Engobe Coating

VI.1.5. Ware with Special Function

VI.1.6. Storage Vessels

VI.1.7. Amphorae

VI.2. Artistic Ware

VI.2.1. Sgraffito Ware

VI. 2.1.1. Sgraffito Ware from the Period 30s  40s of the 13th Century

VI.2.1.2. Sgraffito Ware from the Period between 40s and the end of 13th Century

VI.2.1.3. Sgraffito Ware from the First Half of the 14th Century

VI.2.1.4. Sgraffito Ware from the Grey-Brown Medieval Layer (40s of the 13th  Middle of the 14th Century)

VI.2.1.5. Sgraffito Ware from the Second Half of the 14th Century

VI.2.1.6. Forms of the Fragment Material

VI.2.2. Painted Ware

VI.2.3. Imported Glazed Ware

VI.3. Construction Ceramics

VI.4. Conclusion


Works Cited

Catalogue of Finds



Plates with Finds

Plates with Pottery



Археологически проучвания в Южния сектор на Трапезица. Том 1. Средновековният град

Publisher Faber
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 734
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-00-0292-5
Creation date 2015
Size 21 х 29 cm

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