Helis. Volume 1: Getic lands during the Bronze and Iron Age


Table of contents /summaries/

D. Gergova. Ten years of research in Sboryanovo

Iv. Panayotov. Periodization of the Bronze Age in Northeastern Bulgaria

I. Zmejkova. The Early Bronze age settlement near the village of Mirovtsi, Varna district

G. Kitov. Tumuli in Northeastern Bulgaria

Al. Gotsev. Studies on the settlement system in Northeastern Bulgaria during the Early Iron Age

T. Stoyanov. Burial rites in Northeastern Thrace during the Early Iron Age in the light o the new studies

M. Domaradzki. Thracian Culture in Northeastern Thrace during the Late Iron Age. Settlement and ethnic features

A. Bozhkova. Trade contacts of the Getic tribes in the second half of the 1st Millenium B.C.

R. Radev. Some observations on the necropolises on Northeastern Bulgaria  5th1st century B.C.

D. Valcheva. Tumuli dated to the Roman period in Northeastern Bulgaria (Current state and problems of the studies)

B. Mateva, D. Valcheva. Unpublished Thracian sites in Northeastern Bulgaria

M. Krasteva, D. Valcheva, T. Shalganova. Selected bibliography (19671991) 


Хелис. Том I: Гетските земи през бронзовата и желязната епоха

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 174
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-546-001-6
Creation date 1992
Size 14 х 20 cm

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