MaritsaIztok. Archaeological Research. Volume 5. In English


Table of contents


Transliteration of Cyrillic alphabet

Selected list of abbreviatons

Part one: Articles

B. Borisov. Ten years archaeological expedition “MaritsaIztok”

K. Leshtakov, T. Kancheva-Russeva, S. Stoyanov. Prehistoric studies. Settlement sites

K. Nikov. Cultural interrelations in the Late Bronze and the Early Iron Age

R. Georgieva. Thracian culture of the Early Iron Age

M. Tonkova, S. Savatinov. Thracian culture of the Late Iron Age

M. Ivanova. Study of Roman period necropolises

G. Shejleva. Archaeological study of the Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages

B. Borisov. Features of Medieval culture during the 11th12th centuries on Northeastern Thrace

I. Prokopov. The tetradrachms of Thasos island in the hoard from village Matsa

T. Popova. Archaeobotanical studies

G. Ribarov. Archaeozoological finds and indicators of the environment, economy and life style

Part two: Round table discussions

Problems of Prehistory

            L. Nikolova. The Upper Stryama Valley in the Early Neolithic (Karanovo I Culture)

Problems of Thracian archaeology

            B. Koleva. Rock-cut sanctuary on the eastern slopes of Dzhambaztepe

Problems of Roman archaeology

            K. Karadimitrova. Inscription and society

            D. Valcheva. Structure of the Roman Imeprial Period tumular embankments

            G. Kovachev. Road connections of Emporium Tuidas in Sliven

            H. Buyukliev. Main results of the 19931997 seasons of excavation at the Late Antique fortified settlement Karasura

            V. Ignatov. A Roman grave near the village Karanovo

            Y. Meshekov. Extra muros villa in Pautalia

Problems of Medieval archaeology

            N. Yakimova. New investigations in the region of Basilica II in Karasura

            D. Momchilov. Northeastern Thrace over seventhtenth centuries AD

            D. Yankov. Where had Diospolis bishop’s centre bee located?

            T. Ovcharov. Contribution to the Central South Bulgaria archaeological map

            K. Velkov. Medieval settlement and necropolises within the territory of Nova Zagora

            R. Spasov. Medieval graves in Kyustendil (preliminary report)

List of the authors in alphabetical order 

Марица–Изток. Археологически проучвания. Том 5

Publisher Archaeological Museum "Maritsa–Iztok" – Radnevo
Language English
Pages 282
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-90117-1-4
Creation date 2001
Size 21 х 29 cm

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