The Scythians in Thrace (7th c. BC  1st c. AD). Part I: Written Sources of Scythians in Thrace
Language: Bulgarian with an extensive summary in English


Table of contents


Chapter One. Scythia and Thrace. Boundaries and Territory: Dynamics of Changes (7th century BC  1st century AD)

I. Geographic Distribution of Scythians in Thrace

1. Scythia South of the Danube River

2. Written Sources about Scythians around Greek Cities and for Scythian Cities on Black Sea Western Shore

2.1. Gerania

2.2. Rhocobae / Rhacolae / Rhocolae

2.3. Aphrodisias / Aphrodision / Aphrodisiada

2.4. Parthenopolis

Chapter Two. Legendary Stories about Scythians in Thrace

1. Amazons and Scythian Raids in Thrace

2. Thracian Campaign with Sipylus the Scythian against the Amazons

3. Scythians and Amazons within the Istrus River Area

4. The Scythian Wife of Fineas the Thracian

Chapter Three. Scythians Political and Military History in Thrace (end of 6th century  beginning of 1st century AD)

1. Scythians Settlements in Cimmeria and their Earliest Supposed Presences in Thrace

2. Scythians Military and Diplomatic Activity in Thrace and Ancient Greece (end of 6th century  first half of 5th century BC)

2.1. Darius I (522586 BC) Campaign against the European Scythians

2.2. The Scythian Campaign to Thracian Chersonese and the Scythian King Ariapeithes Marriage with the Daughter of the Odrysae King Teres I (c. 515  c. 470? BC)

2.3. Scythian Embassy to Sparta

2.4. Contacts between the Scythian and Odryssae Rulers c. mid-5th century BC

3. The Scythians in Thrace during the 4th century

3.1. The Wars and Diplomacy of the Scythian King Atheas

3.2. Scythian Participation in Northwest Black Sea Coast Greek Poleis Wars against Macedonian Warlords during the Second Half of the 4th Century BC

3.2.1. Zopyrion Campaign against the Scythians

3.2.2. The Scythians in Alliance with the West Pontius Poleis against Lysimachus

4. The Scythians in Thrace during 3rd – 2nd Centuries BC

4.1. The Epitaph of the Scythian Ruler Argotas from Neapolis

4.2. King Sariakes Dedicared Inscription from Tirizis (IGBulg V, No. 5003)

4.3. Proxeny Decree for the Antiochian Hermeios, Son of Asclepiodorus, from Odessos (CIG, II, No. 2056 = IGBulg I2, No. 41)

4.4. The Coins of the Scythian Kings Sariakes, Kanites, Tanousas (Tanousakes), Aelis and Akrosas (Akrosakes) as Source of History

4.5. Honorary Decree for Agathocles, Son of Antifilos from Histria (ISMGL I, No. 15)

5. The Scythians in Thrace during the 1st Century BC  beginning of 1st Century AD

5.1. Participation of the West Pontius Scythes in the Wars between Mitridathes VI Eupator (121/12063 BC) and the Roman Republic

5.2. Arrian Narrative for a Conflict between Scythians and Thracian and Its Eventual Connection with Burebista Policies in Thrace in mid 1st Century BC

5.3. The Scythes on the Lower Danube and the Roman Conquest of Thrace (29 BC  45 AD)





Summary in English

Скитите в Тракия (VII в. пр. н. е. – I в. от н. е.)


Publisher Ongal
Language Bulgarian with summary in English
Pages 406
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ISBN 978-619-7079-69-2
Creation date 2015
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