Dimitar Draganov. The coins of the Scythian Kings


Table of contents

The Scythians in Dobrudja (A Brief Historical Introduction)

The enigmatic Scythian kings

The best collection of Scythian coins worldwide

Ateas  the founder of the First Scythian kingdom in Dobrudja

Ateas against Philip II of Macedon

The Coins of Ateas

Ateas and Dionysopolis

How the bronze coin type proves to be the carrier of an extremely important historical information

Tanousas  the founder of the Second Scythian kingdom in Dobrudja

Chronology of the Second Scythian kingdom

The portrait of Tanousas

The coin types of Tanousas and Kanites

The mint

Aphrodisias  the capital and mint of the Scythian kings

The Scythian kings Akrosas and coin magistrates Eukles and Andreas from Dionysopolis

The coin types of Akrosas and Charaspes

The hoard that mislead the scholars

The so-called Balgarevo hoard

Circulation of the Scythian royal coins

The silver of Sariakes and the end of the Second Scythian kingdom in Dobrudja

The treaty between Sariakes and the Macedonian king Philip V

The coin types of Aelis and Sariakes

Gods on the coins of the Scythian kings 

Димитър Драганов. Монетите на скитските царе

Publisher Bobokov Bros. Foundation
Language English
Pages 32
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-9460-04-9
Creation date 2016
Size 14 x 21 cm

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