Zeuxippos or Byzantion: The city of the sun
Зевксипос или Бизантион. Градът на слънцето
Language: Bulgarian


   On May 11, 330 AD Rome ceased to be the sole and absolute center of the Roman Empire. About 800 km east of the Eternal City rose a serious competitor. The consecration ceremony of the city named after Emperor Constantine was dazzling with its magnificence and meaningful religious and political demonstrations. Constantine the Great deliberately used the solar symbolism, in which late antique and medieval authors recognized a sun god, identified as Helios or Apollo. The local Thracian population of Byzantion, however, called it Zeuxippos, the mystical name of the Sun...


Table of contents


Глава първа. Императорът-слънце в Града на слънцето
Chapter one. Sun Emperor in Sun City

Глава втора. Септимий Север и Зевксипос  Зевс Хелиос
Chapter two. Septimius Severus and Zeuxippus 
— Zeus Helios

Глава трета. Бюзас и ражданетона Бизантион
Chapter three. Byzas or the origin of Byzantion

Глава четвърта. В колесницата на Хелиос
Chapter four. In the chariot of Helios

1. Император Константин I и Тюхе на Константинопол
1. Emperor Constantine I and Tyche of Constantinople

2. В колесницата на Хелиос
2. In the chariot of Helios

Епилог. Между езичеството и християнството
Epilogue. Between Paganism and Christianity



Publisher Paradigma
Language Bulgarian
Pages 268
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-326-436-0
Creation date 2020
Size 16 х 24 cm

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