Odessos during the Hellenistic period (end of 4th c. BC  early 1st c. AD)
Odessos in der hellenistische Epoche (Ende des IV. Jh. v. Chr.  Anfang des I. Jh. n. Chr.)
Odessos à l'epoque Hellenistique (fin du IVe s. av. J.-C. 
 début du Ier s. ap. J.-C.)
Одесос в эпоху Эллинизма (конец IV в до Хр. 
 начало I в. после Хр.)
Одесос през Елинистическата епоха (края на ІV в. пр. Хр. 
 началото на І в. сл. Хр.)
Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English, German, French and Russian


     The study present an overview of the history, as well as the political, economic and cultural development of Odessos in the Hellenistic Age. Chronological frames are situated between the reigning of Alexander the Great (336323 BC) and the entering of the ancient polis into the Roman province of Moesia in 15 AD. A large number of historical resources, related to the West Black Sea coast and Ancient Thrace, as well as epigraphic data, have been used. The research is complemented with the results of the excavations in the last 120 years, including some unpublished materials. 


Table of contents

Историческите събития през Елинизма и Одесос
[The historical events in Hellenism and Odessos]

Административно устройство и обществен живот
[Administrative system and public life]

Население и религия
[Population and religion]

Градоустройство, отбранителна система и архитектура
[Town planning, system of defence and architecture]

Некрополи, гробни съоръжения и надгробни паметници
[Necropolises, tombs and gravestones]

Търговия и занаяти
[Trade and crafts]

Изкуство и култура
[Art and culture]

Спорт и обществени игри
[Sport and public games]





* For development of Odessos during the Roman period, cf. Odessos during Roman times 


Publisher Abagar
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English, German, French and Russian
Pages 152
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-91721-4-0
Creation date 2007
Size 14 х 21 cm

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