Odessos: Contribution to the study of the coin minting of the city (4th1st c. B.C.)
Author: Stavri Topalov. Language: Bulgarian with an extented summary in English


Table of contents


1. Historical information about Odessos in the period 7th1st c. B. C.

2. Review of the studies connected with the coinage of Odessos

3. Periodization of the coinage of the West Pontic cities 7th1st c. B. C. Periodization of the coinage of Odessos

4. Emergence of bronze coinage, denominations, names of the denominations and theoretical weights of the bronze coins of the West Pontic cities 4th1st c. B. C.

5. Images, symbols, inscriptions and monograms on the coins of Odessos 4th1st c. B. C.

6. Monetary circulation in the territory of Odessos in the 6th5th c. B. C.

Coinage of Odessos, 4th1st c. B. C. Chronology, types, denominations

1. Classical period in the coinage of Odessos (480/478341/323 B. C.)

2. Hellenistic period of the Odessos coinage (341/32331 B. C.)

2.1. Interruption of the coinage (341/323281 B. C.). First stage (281196/188 B. C.)

2.2. Second stage (196/188115/105 B. C.)

2.3. The countermarking of coins of the Western Pointic cities by the deputies of Mithridates VI in the area of the West Pontic coast

2.4. Third stage (115/10572/71 B. C.)

2.5. Fourth stage (ca. 63 B. C.  end of the Ist c. B. C.)

3. Non-existent coins of Odessos described in studies so far

Catalogue of the coins of Odessos (4th1st c. B. C.) (in Bulgarian and in Enligsh)

Summaries in English


Index of names of geographic places, persons and objects 

Одесос. Приноси към проучване монетосеченето на града IV–I в. пр. н. е.

Publisher Nasko-1701
Language Bulgarian with an extented summary in English
Pages 344
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 954-8556-10-3
Creation date 1999
Size 14 х 22 cm

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