Victor Cojocaru, Ligia Ruscu, Tibaut Castelli, Annamária-Izabella Pázsint (eds.). Advances in Ancient Black Sea Studies: Historiography, Archaeology and Religion: Proceedings of the International Symposium, Constanţa, August 2024, 2018 (Pontica et Mediterranea VIII)


     This volume collects 26 papers authored by leading experts from nine European countries. It presents a wide range of the latest advances in the study of the ancient Black Sea in Greek and Roman times, with a focus on scholarly traditions, archaeology and religion. All the contributions address current debates about texts, epigraphy, numismatics and iconography, as well as archaeological discoveries. They provide opportunities to share perspectives, new methods and frameworks for future research. At the same time, this book is in line with the efforts in recent years to bridge the large gap between the scholarly traditions of West and East in order to absorb, interpret and integrate the constant flow of new information about the Black Sea region into mainstream western classical scholarship.


Table of contents


Note on Abbreviations


I. Studying the Black Sea: Between Colonization and Identity

T. Castelli. Entrer et sortir du Pont-Euxin durant l'Antiquité (VIIe s. av. J.-C.  premier quart du IVe s. ap. J.-C.)

M. Dana. Regards grecs sur le Pont-Euxin: réflexes changeants d'un espace “colonial”

D. Braund. Clashing Traditions Beyond the Clashing Rocks: (Un)Ethical Tales of Milesians, Scythians and Others in Archaic and Later Colonialism

V. Yaylenko. Diodorus’ Evidence on the Bosporan Archaeanactidae and New Data about the Aeolians on Taman

M. Speidel. Natione Ponticus: Roman Navy Soldiers and the Black Sea

D. Ruscu. The Black Sea in the Historical Writings of Late Antiquity

II. Greeks and Non-Greeks: Scholarly Traditions and Acculturation

V. Cojocaru. BCOSPE IIII. Einige Überlegungen zum Beitrag der russischen, sowjetischen und postsowjetischen Schulen

V. Mordvintseva. Scholarly Traditions in the Studies of the “Late Scythian Culture of the Crimea” and “Crimean Scythia”

L. Grumeza. “Sarmatian” Identities in Crimea: A Survey of Recent Literature

M. Vakhtina, M. Kashuba. East Greek Archaic Pottery at the Nemirov Fortified Settlement: On the Question of Classical Imports in “Local” Context

F. Callatay. Did “Dolphins” and Non-functional Arrowheads Massively Found in and Around Olbia, Istros and Apollonia Have Ever Had a Monetary Function?

A. Kakhidze, E. Kakhidze. Hellenised Burial Customs and Deposit Patterns at Pichvnari: Intercultural Studies on the Acculturation of Colchis in the Classical Period

M. Treister. Second-Hand for the Barbarians? Greek and Roman Metalware with Signs of Repair from the Nomadic Burials of Scythia and Sarmatia

J. Coert, T. Schmitt. Wer war Fl. Dades? Überlegungen zum Verständnis einer Inschrift aus dem kaukasischen Iberien

III. New Discoveries and Prospective Research Directions

U. Peter. Von Mommsen zum Semantic Web: Perspektiven der vernetzten numismatischen Forschung  die Münzen der westlichen Schwarzmeerküste online

N. Zavoykina. A Letter of Polemarkhos from Phanagoria

D. Paraschiv, M. Iacob, C. Chiriac. Les origines de la vie romaine à (L)Ibida

Ș. Honcu, L. Munteanu. A Shield Umbo Discovered in the Rural Settlement of Ibida  “Fântâna Seacă” (Slava Rusă, Tulcea County)

D. Aparaschivei. Some Late Fibulae from Ibida (the Province of Scythia)

IV. Studying Religion: Evolution, Iconography, Society

J. Benedicto. Nouvelles perspectives sur le culte d'Apollon et d'Artémis dans le monde ionien archaïque

V. Stolba. Images with Meaning: Early Hellenistic Coin Typology of Olbia Pontike

L. Buzoianu, M. Bărbulescu. Éléments communs de l'iconographie des terres cuites hellénistiques dans la région pontique

A. Pázsint. Cult Associations in the Black Sea Area: A Comparative Study (3rd Century BC  3rd Century AD)

G. Talmațchi. Monnaies et divinités. Remarques sur le culte d'Hélios à Istros à la basse époque hellénistique

M. Guzmán. Les strategoi et le culte d'Apollon à Olbia du Pont. Nouvelles recherches prosopographiques

L. Ruscu. Zu manchen Wandlungen im religiösen Leben der Schwarzmeerpoleis in der römischen Kaiserzeit



1. Literary Sources

2. Inscriptions

3. Proper Names (Regions, cities, persons, etc.)

Publisher Editura Mega
Language English, Geman, French
Pages 666
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-606-020-104-5
Creation date 2019
Size 16 x 24 cm

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