Trebenishte: 105 years since the discovery of the necropolis at Trebenishte 1918–2023 (Catalogues of the National Archaeological Museum, vol. 34)
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Table of contents


Discovery of the necropolis at Trebenishte and history of the first archaeological investigation

Trebenishte: Valley of the kings: Excavations by Prof. Nikola Vulić

Short history of archaeological excavations of the necropolis of Trebenishte in 19531954 and 1972 and of necropolis of Gorna Porta, Ohrid in 2000—2002

Reconstruction of the habitation in the Ohrid Region during the Iron Age and the Archaic Period

The ethnic affiliation of the necropolis at Trebenishte

Gold funerary masks and hands from Trebenishte and Ohrid

Silver and gold jewellery from the Late Archaic princely graves IVIII at Trebenishte

Arms and armour from Trebenishte

The bronze vases from Trebenishte

Amber in Trebenishte

Trebenishte and the princely graves of the European Early Iron Age

The Central Balkan Region and the North Aegean coast in the Late Archaic and Early Classical Periods: The pottery evidence



Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language English
Pages 148
Illustrations b/w and colour figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-254-026-5
Creation date 2023
Size 25 х 21 cm

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