Taste for luxury: Roman mosaics from Bulgaria. Exhibition catalogue (National archaeological museum. Catalogues, volume 17)
Language: English—Bulgarian (bilingual)
Category: Roman art


Table of contents

M. Ivanov. Roman mosaics: History and local development

V. Katsarova. The houses of the wealthy people on the territory of present-day Bulgaria in the Roman period and Late Antiquity

I. Vanev. Preservation and protection of mosaic floors in Bulgaria


G. Kabakchieva. Mosaic with portraits and mythological scenes, room 10, Roman villa “Armira”

G. Kabakchieva. Mosaic with Medusa and the winds, room 6, Roman villa “Armira”

R. Spasov. Mosaic with the labours of Heracles, Pautalia

G. Kabakchieva. “The Metamorphosis of Cyparissus” mosaic, Ulpia Oescus

G. Kabakchieva. “The Achaeans” mosaic, Ulpia Oescus

M. Ivanov. “Narcissus” mosaic, Philippopolis

M. Ivanov. Mosaic decoration of “Eirene” building, Philippopolis

A. Minchev. Mosaics in the “House of Antiope”, Marcianopolis

M. Markov. Mosaic with a monogram, Montana

K. Kalchev, M. Kamisheva. “The Spring of life” mosaic, Augusta Traiana

M. Kamisheva. Mosaic with Dionysiac thiasos, Augusta Traiana

K. Kalchev, M. Kamisheva. Mosaic from a representative residential building, Southeastern parf ot Augusta Traiana

M. Ivanov. “The Seasons” mosaic, Serdica

M. Ivanov. Felix mosaic, Serdica

M. Vaklinova. Mosaic floor with geometric decoration, Nicopolis an Nestum


Усет за разкош. Римски мозайки от България

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 144
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-9472-84-4
Creation date 2019
Size 25 х 21 cm

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