Proceedings of the 22nd International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies. Ruse, Bulgaria, September 2012 (Bulletin of the National Institute of Archaeology, 2015, XLII)


Table of contents


Fortifications and Solders

D. Breeze. The Role of Water in Defining the Limits of the Roman Empire

P. Wilson. Change Behind the Frontier: Roman Military Deployment North of the River Humber, England in the Third and Fourth Centuries AD

A. McCluskey. The First ‘British Way in Warfare’: Threat and Response in the Late Roman North

H. van Enckevort, E. Heirbaut. The Fortress of Legio II Adiutrix (AD 7071) on the ruins of Oppidum Batavorum (Nijmgen, NL)

E. Heirbautm, H. van Enckevort. A Late Roman Watchtower in Wijchen near Nijmegen

J. Chorus. Timber Forts along the Rhine in the West Netherlands: New Thoughts Derived from Old Filed Drawings, Vechten  Utrecht  Valkenburg

C. Sommer. Out of Africa?  A New Line of the Eastern Raetian Limes in the Middle of the 3rd Century and Legio III Augusta (…e Raetia …regressi…)

L. Stoffel. The Fort, Fortlet and Civil Settlement in Mainhardt

T. Mauer. Ad confluentes Nicri et Rheni. Excavations and Aerial Photographs Shed New Light on the Early Roman Military Site Ludwigshafen-Rheingönheim

Chr. Ertel. Der Kaiserkultbezirk von Mogontiacum (Mainz)

J. Trumm. Legionslager Vindonissa  Stand der Forschung

Chr. Gugl, J. Trumm. The Secret of Squares  Interpreting Large-Scale Square Structures at Roman Legionary Forts

J. Kopf. Von Spitzgräben und Gürtelblechen… Neue Grabungsergebnisse zur frühkaiserzeitlichen Militärpräsenz in Brigantium (Bregenz, Österreich)

O. Heinrich-Tamáska. Inner Fortifications and the Late Roman Defence System in Pannonia (4th5th c. AD)  Some Notes

M. Sanader. Das Legionslager Tilurium. 15 Jahre archäologischer Ausgrabungen, 19972011

C. Whately. Disposition and Strategy in the Moesias from Trajan to Commodus

L. Grozdanova. Emperor Trajan and His Sons on the Lower-Danubian Limes (AD 249251)

S. Torbatov. The Transformations of a Roman Military Site: The Case with Mezdra (North-Western Bulgaria)

P. Donevski. A Comparison between Novae and Durostorum in Lower Moesia: Topography, Defensive System and Legal Status

P. Dyczek. “The Most Splendid Town of the Novesians…”

R. Czerner. An Outstanding Building in the North-Western Part of the Episcopal Complex in Novae

P. Vladkova. Free Standing Towers West from Novae

G. Kabakchieva, S. Lazarova. The Late Roman Principia at the Roman Fort Dimum (Now Belene, Bulgaria)

G. v. Bülow, K. Wachtel. Zur Geschichte der Grabung Iatrus  Krivina

G. Atanasov. Le refugium de l'Antiquité tardive du IVV s. près du village de Ruyno, region de Durostorum

Hr. Preschelenov. Die Frühbyzantinische Verteidigunslinie im Östlichen Haemus. Ergebnisse von den Untersuchungen in Eminska Planina

N. Gudea, C. Inel, O. Oargă, C. Adam. The Roman Camp of Apulum. Archaeological Research in the Principia

N. Gudea, C. Inel, O. Oargă. The Legionary Roman Fortress Apulum. Porta principalis dextra. A Proposal for Reconstructions

Cr. Alexandrescu, Chr. Gugl. Troesmis: From Legionary Fortress to the Byzantine Fortification

M, Gui, D. Petrut. Illuminating the Soldiers’ Homes. The Evidence of Lighting Devices from the Barracks of Forts and Fortresses in Roman Dacia

O. Tentea. Closing a Gap. A Roman Fort Rediscovered.

D. Măndescu, I. Dumitrescu. The Archaeological Monuments at the North-Balkan Periphery of the Roman Empire in Old Cartography

R. Karasiewivz-Szczypiorski, O. Savelja, R. Gawronski. The Remains of the Roman Fort at Kadylovka (Balaklava) in the Crimean Peninsula

A. Gabella. Sebastopolis  a Fortification of the “Pontic Limes

M. Driessen, F. Abudanah. The Udhruh Archaeological Project  the 20112012 Filed Survey

S. James. Ancient Campaign Camps at Dura-Europos, Syria: A Preliminary Note

S. Parker. The Roman Army at Petra

S. Hoss. The Origin of the Ring Buckle Belt and the Persian Wars of the 3rd Century

E. Sauer, H. Rekavandi, T. Wilkinson, J. Nokandeh. Innovation at Persia’s Frontiers: Sasanian Campaign Bases and Defensive Barriers

A.-K. Rieger. Zawiyet el-Agdab  an Unknown Roman Fort in North-Western Egypt in the Context of the Roman Saharan Border

S. Sidebotham. Results of Fieldwork at Berenike (Red Sea Coast), Egypt 20082012

M. Mackensen. Fl. Schimmer. Interior Buildings of the Severan Oasis Fort of Sheriat el-Garbia in the Late Roman Period

D. Karelin. Reflection on Some Architectural Peculiarities of the Late Roman Principia in Egypt by the Example of Luxor

R. Franke. The Tetrarchic Fort at Nag’al-Hagar (Upper Egypt)  Excavations in 2005 to 2012

J. Camino Mayor, E. Martin Hernandez. La Carisa and the Conquest of Asturia Transmontana (Hispania) per Publius Carisius

B. Demicheli. Dalmatians in the Roman Imperial Fleet

I. Radman-Livaja, V. Vukelić. Roman Military Inscriptions from Siscia: An Overview

Fl. Matei-Popescu. The Auxiliary Units in Moesia Superior and Dacia. A Review and an Update

K. Juntunen. The Origin of cohors IX Maurorum and the Severan Frontier of Mesopotamia

W. Ward. Eusebius’s Onomasticon and the Transfer of the X Fretensis from Jerusalem to Aila

A. Kyrychenko. The Roman Army on the Eastern Frontiers in Greco-Roman, Jewish, and Christian Sources: A Comparative Study

Veterans on the Frontiers

T. Ivleva. In Search of Veterans of the Roman Army on the Frontier: Material Culture Evidence

C. Andrews. Are Roman Seal-Boxes Evidence for Letter Writing by Auxiliaries, Veterans (or Anyone Else)?

W. Vos. Identifying Discharged Solders in the Batavian Countryside (The Netherlands)

T. Grane. Germanic Veterans of the Roman Army in Southern Scandinavia  Can We Identify Them?

L. Mihailescu-Birliba, I. Dumitrache. Les militaries originaires d'Italie à Troesmis. Notes prosopographiques

R. Collins. After the Auxiliaries: Identifying Veterans in 4th Century Britannia

M. Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen. Charon Custom and Other Novelties Introduces in the Southern Scandinavian Region  the Results of Returning Veterans?

Families and Dependents of Soldiers

P. Allison, M. Sterry. “Family” Meals? Who Ate with Whom and Where in Roman Military Bases?

E. Greene. Roman Military Pay and Soldiers’ Families: The Household Contribution to Subsistence

M. Carroll. Commemorating Military and Civilian Families on the Danube Limes

N. Bargfeld. Elite Societies on Display within Military Zones: The Meagre Beginnings of a Leading Municipal Class in Brigetio

Civil Settlements, Roads, and Trade

A. Morillo, J. Salido Dominguez. Military Vici in Roman Spain

O. Láng. The Beginnings: New Data on the Earliest Settlement Phases at the Aquincum Civil Town

S. Nikolić, I. Bogdanović. Recent Excavations on the Amphitheatre of Viminacium (Upper Moesia)

I. Danković. Route of the Eastern Road of Viminacium

Z. Dimitrov. Architectural Decoration in the Colony of Ulpia Ratiaria

V. Dintchev. The Municipia of the Province of Moesia Inferior

A. Panaite. Roman Roads in Moesia Inferior. Archaeological and Epigraphic Ecvidence

J.-P. Carriê, D. Moreau. The Archaeology of the Roman Town of Abritus: The Status Quaestionis in 2012

R. Rosenthal-Heginbottom. The Kiln Works of the Legio Decima Fretensis: Pottery Production and Distribution

M. Tapavički-Ilić. The Story of Dacian Pots and Dacian Cups. Development through Prehistory and History

Religion and Burial Rites

I. Haynes, T. Wilmott. The Maryport Altars: New Research and New Conclusions

E. Steigberger. Syrian Deities, the Army and the Danube Limes. The Case Study of the Sanctuary of Iuppiter Heliopolitanus at Carnuntum

S. Bekavac. Roman Religion and Cults on the Dalmatian Limes

O. Alexandrov. The Role of Legatus Augusti Pro Praetore in the Religious Life of Exercitus Moesiae Inferioris

M. ReddéL'aedes du praesidium de Xèron Pelagos (Égypte)

S. Sakania. Cult Constructions of the “Pontic Limes” in Abkhazia

B. Migotti. Pagans, Christians and Barbarians at the Late Roman Cemeteries of Štrbinci and Zmajevac (NE Croatia)

Z. Golubović, M. Korać. Eastern Necropolis of Viminacium  Latest Excavations

S. Vuković, M. Jovičić. Dog Burials from the Cemeteries of the Roman City of Viminacium (Moesia Superior, Kostolac, Serbia)

Roma and Barbaricum

N. Hodgson. Native Settlements on the North Side of Hadrian’s Wall: New Evidence for Their History

P. Walton. Barbaricum in Britania? The Fosse Way as a Frontier to Coin Use

F. Hunter. Interpreting Celtic Art on the Roman Frontier  the Development of a Frontier Culture in Britain?

J. Sigurdsson. Late Roman Influences in Germanic Artwork

C. Bridger. New Roman Finds from the East Bank of the Lower Rhine in Germany – of Where Did They Put the Border?

M. Vlach. Germanic Settlement Structure in the Middle Danube Region as a Complex System of Agent-Based Modeling

S. Groh, B. Komoroczy, M. Vlach, H. Sedlmayer. Basis of the International Research Project of the Roman Military Camps in the Barbarian Territory to the North of Carnuntum

J. Istenič. Celtic or Roman? Late Le Tène-Style Scabbards with Copper-Alloy or Silver Openwork Plates

D. Bondoc. German Elements on the Northern Lower Danube Border during the Late Roman Period

B. Ciupercă, A. Măgureany, A. Anton. The Presence of Rome in Barbaricum: Archaeological Evidence of the Interaction between Romans and Barbarians in the Targşoru Vechi Area

L. Gratsianskaya. The Northern Barbarians in Strabo’s “Geography”: Tradition and Reality

L. Allason-Jones. The Roman Army and the Kingdom of Meroe

Interdisciplinary Researches

C. Sarge. Was am Ende übrig bleibt… - Römische Bronzestatuen am Limes und im Hinterland in den Provinzen Germania inferiorGermania SuperiorBelgica und Raetia

A. Frölich. It Looks like Waste… but are Valuable Archaeological Artefacts

I. Kaić. Roman Gems from the Limes in the Collection of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb (Croatia)

G. Bakowska-Czerner. Images of Venus on Gems from Novae

V. Bubić. Roman Military Brick Stamps in the Danubian Limes in Croatia

J. Cvijetić. Roman Hoard of Iron Objects – Notae from the Upper Moesian Limes

K. Dimitrov. Novae (Moesia II) under the Tetrarchy to the Sole Reign of Constantine I (AD 294330). Coin Finds and History

A. Popa. Interdisziplinäre Forschungen im Auxiliarkastell von Breţcu in südöslichen Siebenbürgen

S. Matthews. Supplying the Limes Garrison in the Dobrogea

M. Lemke. Towards a Military Geography of Moesia Inferior

J. Noguera Guillén, D. Ble Gimeno, P. Valdés Matias. Metal Detecting for Surveying Marching Camps?

Restore Sensing on Roman Frontiers

N. Hanel, B. Song. Luftbildprospektionen zu den Militärlagern Vetera castra I auf dem Fürstenberg bei Xanten: Zur praetentura und dem Befestigungssystem des neronischen Zweilegionenlagers

I. Vukmanić, B. Mušič. Archaeogeophysical Prospection upon the Danube Limes Fort Ad Militare in Batina (2010)

A. Tomas. Non-Destructive Survey in Novae (Lower Moesia)

I. Oltean, W. Hanson. Defining the Roman Limes in Romania: The Contribution of Aerial and Satellite Remote Sensing

C. Opreanu, V. Lăzrescu. Porolissum. A Roman Fort and Town on the Northern Frontier of the Roman Empire

S. Pánczél. The Roman Fort from Călugăreni (Mureş County, Romania)

Running and Expanding the World Heritage Site

C. Sommer. WHS FRE (Frontiers of the Roman Empire)  Running and Expanding the World Heritage Site

Z. Visy. Corpus Limitis Imperii Romani (CLIP)

R. Jones. Classifying the Past: Using Thesauri to Interpret Roman Frontiers

D. Brough. Factors Influencing the Future Development of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site

N. Mills. The Frontiers of the Roman Empire WHS  Public Presentation and Interpretation Planning

C. Young, R. Dietrich, P. Henrich. The Management and Administration of the Transitional Serial World Heritage Property “Frontiers of the Roman Empire”

C. Bridger. Recent Advances on the Lower German Limes (German Section). Re-searching the Data as a Basis for Proposing a World Heritage Site

A. Ivanova, F. Schafranski. Importance of the EU Large-Scale Demonstrator LIMES for the Development of the European Limes Regions


Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
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