Table of contents /summaries/


Professor Francis Thomson at 80

Y. Miltenov. The Scholarly Contributions of Professor Francis Thomson in Light of the Methodological Concerns of Paleoslavic Studies


A. Vlaevska-Stantcheva. St. Methodius in the Latin Non-Liturgical Tradition before the Modern Period

A. Miltenova. The Epistle to Nicholas by Mark the Ascetic (CPG 6094) in an Old Bulgarian Translation

S. Petrova. Canons for the Bodiless Powers in the Slavonic Menaia

D. Atanasova. Translations and Book Contexts: Praxis de Stratilatis and the South Slavic Calendrical Manuscripts

L. Tasseva. Parameters of the Translation Choices in an Athonite Literary Circle of the 1360s


K. Popovski. The Zographou Electronic Research Library at the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

Critical reviews

R. Koycheva. Мария Иовчева. Старобългарският служебен миней. София, 2014, 390 стр.

K. Stantchev. Ольга Б. Страхова. Глаголическая часть Реймского евангелия: история, язык, текст. Cambridge Massachusetts, 2014 (Palaeoslavica. Supplementum, 3), 261 pp.


A. Germanova. Publications on Old Bulgarian literature and culture published in Bulgaria 20132014

Старобългарска литература, кн. 52


Publisher Publishing Centre "Boyan Penev"
Language Bulgarian, Russian with summaries in English and Russian
Pages 236
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISSN 0204-868Х
Creation date 2015
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