About the Christian holiday of the Epiphany and its celebration in the city of Kalofer: history and modernity
За християнския празник Богоявление и неговото отбелязване в Калофер
Category: Theology. Language: Bulgarian


   The monograph examines the celebration of the Epiphany in the town of Kalofer (Central Bulgaria). The liturgical practices and folk customs related to the holiday are examined, as well as how much the tradition is original and how much it was influenced, especially during the period of the communist government, which sought to replace and erase its religious essence. The Feast of the Epiphany and its celebration in Kalofer fits into the larger context of religious life in the Plovdiv Diocese and in general of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in modern Bulgarian history. Last but not least, the author seeks an answer to the question why the celebration of the Epiphany, and not another Christian holiday, is so important for the inhabitants of the city. Attention is also paid to the popular male circle dance in the icy river on January 6  when it actually occurs and why it causes such polar reactions.


Table of cotnents


Богоявление: църковно богослужение, народни обичаи, обредност

Религиозност и отбелязване на Богоявление в Калофер до установяването на тоталитарната власт

В прицела на атеистичната пропаганда и възпитание: БКП срещу религиозните празници и традиции

Случаят Калофер: Богоявление и новата социалистическа празнично-обредна система

Възстановеният празник: между богослужебната традиция и нововъведенията при обичаите


Именен показалец

Цитирани източници





Publisher New Bulgarian Universiry
Language Bulgarian
Pages 138
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-233-269-3
Creation date 2023
Size 16 х 24 cm

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