World War One: 19141918. Proceedings of the 40th International Congress of Military History (ICMH), Varna, Bulgaria, 31 August  5 September 2014. Edited by Jordan Baev and Konstadin Grozev
Language: English, French. 
Category: World War I


Table of contents

Editorial note

Note de la redaction

I. Ilchev. Keynote Speech. The Balkans in the World War I

M. Epkenhans. “The Sooner, the Better”. The Military Leadership in Germany and the Outbreak of World War I in 1914

G. Segura. Looking for the Complete Battle: Schlieffen and the Spirit of Cannae

M. Ciampini. The System of Alliances at the Eve of First World War and the Theory of “Complexity”

A. Wessels. A European War in Southern Africa: South Africa’s Conquest of German South-West Africa, 19141915

I. Grebenkin. Russian Army Officers and Soldiers as Sides of Social Conflict

T. Ajja. L’expérience marocaine en matière d’enseignement supériuer d’histoire militaire

A. Sokolov. The Money System of Russia in the Eve of the First World War

I. Alaoui. L’élément déclencheur de la Grande Guerre (Juillet 1914)

S. Chemi. Recrutement et mobilization des Tunisiens pendant la première Guerre mondiale

A. Sow. L’apport de la religion dans l’effort de guerre au Sénégal, 19141918

M. Dahmani. Situation Matérielle et Sociale des Démobilises Tunisiens Ayant Servi sous le Drapeau Français au Lendemain de la Première Guerre Mondiale

M. Clemmesen. The Danish Armed Forces’ pre-war views and preparations and the developing reality 19141918

W. Klinkert. Prepare to Deter. Dutch Neutrality as a Strategic Problem, 19041914

S. Bedwawi. Mesopotamia Operation: British Policy towards the Gulf during World War I

S. Kalbani. The Economic Impact of the World War I on the Arabian Gulf Region, 19141918

C. Quanten. The Belgian Contribution to the Campaign in German East Africa during the First World War (19161917)

M. Ionescu. The Crisis of JulyAugust 1914 and Romania’s Options

N. Prodanov. Bulgarian Military Intelligence during the World War I: Basic Organizational and Operational Aspects

H. Bacanli. Ottoman Activities Related to the Writing of War History during World War I and the Ottoman Archives of World War I

A. Klebanoff. The Muses Did Not Fall Silent: World War I in Art and Culture

L. Joye. The Irish Experience of World War One and the Decade of Commemoration (20122022) in Ireland

D. Asher. Allenby’s Deception Operations in the Conquest of Palestine 19171918

V. Abolmasov. Socio-Political Consequences of the First World War gor Great Britain

P. Formiconi. The Offensive that never Was

P. Akulshin. The First World War and the Transformation of the Armed Forces of Russia in the XX Century

B. Martino. Douhet, Capponi and the Italian Bombing Force (19151918)

C. Stachelbeck. Military Learning in WW I: The Development of German Land Warfare Tactics

L. de Vos. Closing Address. The First World War and the Fundamental problem of Breaking through the Front


Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language English, French
Pages 608
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-07-4159-8
Creation date 2016
Size 16 х 24 cm

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