Nazip Khamitov. The war in Ukraine and the new humanism: David versus Goliath
Назип Хамитов. Войната в Украйна и новият хуманизъм: Давид срещу Голиат
Category: Contemporary history
Language: English


   The author sets out his philosophical perspective on the causes and aftermath of the war in Ukraine through the prism of the meta-anthropology of history, drawing on the biblical parable of David and Goliath to clarify the dichotomy between the new humanism and neo-totalitarianism. The new humanism is not just an ideology or a practice of sympathy for the afflicted, especially in war, but is expressed in an effective and wise understanding of the Other that prevents death and destruction. Most importantly, the new humanism must actually prevent and stop crimes against humanity. And, moreover, the war against humanity that is inevitably born of neo-totalitarianism - a totalitarianism that grows out of authoritarianism in the era of the internet and social media.
   Continuing and developing the traits of the Kievan Rus' mentality, Ukraine initiates a wave of new humanism in the whole world. And this is the significance of Ukraine for Europe and the world, because the new humanism is relevant to all countries, opening a new page in the history of mankind. The author is convinced that neo-totalitarianism will remain just a stain on the pages of human history and its purpose is only to contribute to building immunity in our descendants against everything totalitarian.
Publisher Kibea
Language English
Pages 132
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-474-985-9
Creation date 2023
Size 14 х 18 cm

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