Maria Manolova-Voykova. Byzantine Pottery from Bulgarian Black Sea Region (8th14th c.)
Византийска керамика от Българското Черноморско крайбрежие (VIII—XIV в. сл. Хр.)
Language: Bulgarian with summary in English
Category: Medieval archaeology


   The monograph is the first attempt at a comprehensive presentation of the Byzantine ceramic import found on Bulgarian Black Sea region. More than 850 amphorae and tableware units from the collection of 15 museums have been cataloged. The findings are classified into 32 different categories. The book delivers thorough information about their production technology, decoration characteristics, chronology, and origin. It retraces the geographical span of the Byzantine import along the Black Sea shore and the adjacent hinterland. The research covers 13 settlements from the coastal zone and retraces their trade contacts during the period 8th14th c. Among the illustrated examples are remarkable examples of Byzantine pottery making and local products based on the Byzantine artistic tradition.


Table of contents

Вместо увод

I. Черноморските ни градове и техните колекции

II. Кратки библиографски бележки върху проучванията на византийската керамика

III. Класификация и хронология на византийската керамика от българскоро черноморско крайбрежие

1. Белоглинена глазирана керамика
1. Glazed White Wares

2. Червеноглинена глазирана керамика
2. Glazed Red Ware

3. Амфори
3. Amphorae


Цитирана литература

Каталог на находките



Publisher Ongul
Language Bulgarian with summary in English
Pages 332
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-258-012-4
Creation date 2023
Size 21 x 29 cm

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