Table of contents /summary/

B. Borisov. St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo and Bulgarian archaeology


V. Ilcheva. Anthropomorphic and zoomorphic vessels. Models of dwellings from the depository of prehistory in the Regional museum of history Veliko Tarnovo

P. Leshtakov. The pottery assemblage of an Early Chalcolithic house at Kachitsa in Veliko Tarnovo

D. Chernakov. Tell No. 1 near Kosharna village, Slivo Pole municipality (archaeological excavations in 2007)

R. Mitkova, S. Yanchev. Chalcolithic anthropomorphic figurines from the locality of “Koriyata” near the town of Suvorovo

S. Chohadzhiev. The Hotnitsa gold in the context of the Chalcolithic gold in Southeastern Europe

M. Hristov. Dabene: Rituals and Burials

R. Hristoba. Pottery dated to the beginning of the Early Bronze Age from the region of the town of Karnobat

N. Elenski. A silver breastplate from the Bronze Age found nearby the artificial lake of “Rositsa” in the region of Veliko Tarnovo

T. Hristova. Bronze Age shaft-hole axe from Telish, Pleven region

T. Dzhanfezova. Some problems in the study of burial rites from the Late Bronze Age in Northwest Bulgaria (According to data from the necropolis near Orsoya)

M. Valentinova. New data about beginning of the Early Iron Age in the Central-North Bulgaria (A tumulus find from the village of Devetaki, Lovech region)


S. Torbatov. Unknown monuments from the 1st Millennium BC in South Dobroudja

I. Dontcheva. Les banquets en Grece anciene (selon des données des auteurs antiques et la céramographie)

E. Mircheva. A Hellenistic grave find from the village of Vedrina, Dobrich region

V. Belchovska. Paeonian cults and symbolism

A. Pirovska. Chronological and territorial distribution of the Thracian pectorals

S. Dimitrov. Bronze cuirasses from Thrace

M. Parvin. Bi-Metal armour from Thrace

N. Torbov. Römische Lampen aus der Samlung des Regionalhistorisches Museum Vratsa und des Historisches Museum Oriahovo, nordwest Bulgarien

M. Kamisheva. Some insights on the production of clay oil lamps with picture on the disk in the pottery centers in Augusta Traiana

G. Iliev. Lamp moulds from Stara Zagora

P. Vladkova. The antique production centre near Pavlikeni: Manufacturing and usage of clay ware

N. Boteva. Votive rods from the fortress of Hotalich near Sevlievo

M. Deyanova. Archeological monuments and artifacts in the vicinity of the town of Karlovo

O. Alexandrov. Ethnic composition of the Roman army in Lowr Moesia province (2nd3rd c. Ad)

S. Bakardzhiev. Finds from the Thracian burial mound at the locality of “Karachite”, near the village of Krumovo, Yambol district

V. Georgieva. Rescue archaeological excavations at the “Osmanova” mound in the territory of the village of Radetski, in the Energy complex “Maritsa-Iztok”

A. Atanasov. Cosmogonic compositions in the Roman figural mosaics from the province of Thrace 2nd to 4th C.

L. Todorova. Early Christioan chancel slabs in the exposition of the Regional museum of history - Pazardzhik

M. Madjarov. The Eastern Roman road through the Rhodope Mountains

T. Balabanov. Once more on the Goths and the episcopal centre from the 4th5th c. near the village of Khan Krum, Shumen district

B. Borisov. Early Byzantine fortress near the village of Dyadovo, in the vicinity of the town of Nova Zagora and its place in the Early Byzantine system of fortification

P. Peev. Deep-sea archaeology

T. Enchev. The fate of martyria in North Africa in the 4th5th centuries in light of the church canons

V. Barakov. Roads, passes, and road fortification structures in the Central Balkan mountains during the Antiquity and the Middle ages

Middle ages

P. Georgiev. The Little Dyke in Dobrudzha – character and date

S. Stanilov. Das Kunsmetall des goldenen Zeitalters (9.v11. Jh.). Fortsetzung des Themas

M. Momchilov. The position of Anchialos and Markelai in military conflicts between Bulgaria and Byzantium in the First Bulgarian Kingdom

S. Vitlyanov. More on the question of the character of the Bulgarian settlements in Pliska

R. Kostova. The newly discovered burial structures in the “Monastery of Mostich” in Preslav

G. Atanasov. Encore une fois de la datation et de l’organisation des moines dans le monastère rupestre de Murfatlar (Basarabi)

V. Jotov. Bulgarische Kontrolle des “Salzwegs” in Transilvanien während des 9. Jhs. (Archäologische Angaben)

M. Nikolov. The marches of Tsar Simeon towards Constantinople

V. Pletnyov, P. Peev. About Mediaeval Varna peir-harbour Rosso/Rossitto/Rossicko

K. Stoeva. Pottery from the monastery at the locality of Manastircheto near Veliki Preslav

Y. Rusev. Unpublished buckle with a zoomorphic image from the collection of the Regional historical museum in Yambol

V. Naydenov. “Two-Headed horse” appliqués from the Museum in Pleven

J. Dimitrov. “Schmuckstücke Spolien”in Halsketten aus glasperlen aus Gräber (11. Jh.) in Pliska

D. Rabovyanov. On the use of the crossbow in Medieval Bulgaria

K. Apostolov. Medieval cemetery near the town of Omurtag (The end of 9th the middle of 13th century)

I. Chokoev. Textile found in the cemetery near the village of Krepcha 35 years after the excavations

B. Borisov, M. Asparuhov. Sgraffito ceramic s from Nikopol and the ceramic complex of Medieval Bulgaria

K. Stefanova-Gueorguieva. The Christian symbols of 11th13th century as elements of the religious culture in the Kazanlak region

M. Dolmova-Lukanovska. Tha Palace in Tarnovo function and appearance

K. Totev. Brone matrix with the Virgin Nikopoios from the fortress of Shumen

M. Robov.  A new group of ligatures engraved under the glaze from the excavations of Trapezitsa hill

K. Popkonstantinov. Newly discovered inscriptions-autographs in Boyana church

H. Vachev. On the issue of the earliest cult architecture in Arbanassi

J. Giuleva. Development of the Muslim cult architecture in the town of Tarnovo late 14th mid 16th century

T. Ovcharov. Settlements from 15th18th century in Strazhitsa district


I. Lazarenko. The temple of the Great God Darzalas in Odessos according to coin images

D. Draganov. Unknown coin types of the Scythian king Charaspes

S. Ivanov. Numismatic material from archaeological excavations of an ”Ancient town with adjacent necropolis” in the place “Kouzhuh”, Petrich  

D. Vladimirova-Aladzhova. On the coin circulation in Urdoviza

S. Mihaylov. Coin hoards from the 6th7th AD as a source for labour payment during the Early Byzantine period

N. Kanev. Newly found lead seal of the archbishop of Ephesos

Z. Zhekova. A lead seal of Symeon Basileus (917927) from the collection of the Regional historical museum – Shumen

I. Yordanov. Byzantine seals from the land on the village of Izvorovo, Haskovo region

A. Konakliev. Unclassified coin of George I Terter

G. Dzanev. A new type of a Bulgarian Medieval coin

T. Spiridonow. Das Informationsystem Dagis_2.0. in der bulgarischen Archäologie


Publisher St. Cyril and St. Methodius University Publishing, Veliko Tarnovo
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English, German and French
Pages 740
Illustrations b&w photographs, drawings, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-524-743-9
Creation date 2010
Size 21 x 29 cm

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