Veda Slovena: Adapted edition
Language: Bulgarian


     The 1870s marked the peak of the Bulgarian National Revival period - a time of spiritual, intellectual and social growth. In this creative atmosphere, Bosnian ethnographer Stjepan Verković publishes (with the assistance of Bulgarian teacher Ivan Gologanov) the first volume of Bulgarian folk songs collection called "Veda Slovena" (1874). The volume contains 8000 verses that reflect the memory of ancient pre-Christian times.

     In the coming decades "Veda Slovenia" has a complicated and unfortunate fate. It is initially accepted with admiration from the European scholarly and intellectual community, but soon it is descended to the level of deliberate mystification. The discussion on the authenticity of the songs involves a number of Bulgarian, Russian and Western European scholars. The disputes not only consider the myths, stereotypes and mystifications, but they also concern Bulgarians and their contribution to the treasury of human civilization.

     For the past 150 years, the collection has remained unknown to the general public. This book is the first Bulgarian adapted edition of Veda Slovena, composed by Dr. Miglena Hristozova and Assoc. Prof. Konstantin Rangochev. It contains nearly 3000 verses, poetically translated into modern Bulgarian by Prof. Rosen Malchev.

Веда Словена. Адаптирано издание

Publisher Raketa
Language Bulgarian
Pages 240
Illustrations color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-229-026-9
Creation date 201
Size 16 х 24 cm

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