A Companion to Ancient Thrace (Blackwell companions to the Аncient world)
Editors: Julia Valeva, Emil Nankov, Denver Graninger


Table of contents

Editors’ Preface

Notes on Contributors


Part I. Thrace and Thracians

1. An Introduction to Studying Ancient Thrace

2. Geography

3. Ethnicity and Ethne

Part II. History

4. Early History of Thrace to the Murder of Kotys I (360 B.C.)

5. Thrace from the Assassination of Kotys I to Koroupedion (360281 B.C.)

6. From Koroupedion to the Beginning of the Third Mithridatic War (28173 B.C.)

7. Roman Thrace

8. Thrace in Late Antiquity

Part III. Evidence

1. Settlements

2. Dolmens and Rock-Cut Monuments

3. “Ritual Pits”

4. Tomb Architecture

5. The Decoration of Thracian Chamber Tombs

6. Gold, Silver, and Bronze Vessels

7. Adornments

8. The Pottery of Ancient Thrace

9. Inscriptions

10. Introduction to the Numismatics of Thrace, ca. 530 bce–46 B.C.

Part IV. Influence and Interaction

1. The Greek Colonists

2. Athens

3. Persia

4. Thracian and Macedonian Kingship

5. Thracians and Scythians: Tensions, Interactions and Osmosis

6. Celts

Part V. Controversies

1. Social Life of Thrace

2. Urbanization

3. Trade

4. Warfare

5. Religion


Publisher Wiiley
Language English
Pages 512
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-1-444-35104-0
Creation date 2015
Size 16 x 24 cm

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