Porcelain and majolica from Varna (Treasures of the Archaeological museum  Varna) 
Language: Bulgarian


     During the 15th18th century Varna is the largest port and trade center on the western coast of the Black Sea. Archaeological excavations show that wealthy citizens uses in its everyday life a variety of expensive and luxurious goods: imported Asia Minor faience, Chinese and European porcelain, as well as Italian majolica...

Порцелан и майолика от Варна

Publisher Slavena
Language Bulgarian
Pages 36
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-579-435-6
Creation date 2005
Size 16 х 16 cm
Citation Плетньов, Валентин. Турски фаянс от Варна. Варна: Славена, 2002.

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