In the Ottoman periphery: Society and economy in 18th century Vidin and its district
Language: Bulgarian


     The monograph focuses on the socio-economic history of town of Vidin and its region (kaza) in the 18th century. The study is based on numerous sources  mainly in Turkish-Ottoman, but also in Bulgarian language.


Table of contents



1. Political reverses

2. The internal condition of the Empire

3. The regional researches

4. Sources

Chapter one. Kaza of Vidin in 15th18th centuries

1. Sanjak (district) of Vidin in 15th18th centuries

2. Geographical position and kaza’s borders in 18th century

3. Administration

4. Administration and its expenses

Chapter two. Economic life in the kaza of Vidin (18th century)

1. Agriculture

1.1. Regime of the landholding

1.2. Agricultural production

1.3. Çifliks

2. Economic life in Vidin (18th century)

2.1. The guild

2.2. The crafts in Vidin

2.3. Numerical growth of the some guilds in the first half of the 18th century

2.4. Economic portrait of the guildsmen from Vidin in 18th century

2.5. Bazaars, markets, money and prices in Vidin through 18th century

2.6. The trade

2.6.1. Vidin and its trade level

Chapter three. Structure of society in Vidin and its area

1. Population  economic inequality

1.1. Economic portrait of the kaza’s population

2. Military class

2.1. “House of the war and fighters of the true faith” (darü’l-cihad ve’l-mücahidin)

2.2. Social and economic portrait of the janissaries in Vidin through XVIIIth century

3. “Raya”

3.1 Portrait of the citizen in Vidin (18th century)

3.2. The “elit” of the raya: “the well-known people”

3.3. The other citizens: The inhabitants of “kasaba Filurdin”

3.4. The peasants




В Османската периферия: общество и икономика във Видин и околността през ХVІІІ век

Publisher Sineva
Language Bulgarian
Pages 360
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-9983-76-0
Creation date 2008
Size 14 х 21 cm

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