Trapko Vassilev and the Permanent Art Gallery: 110 years since its establishment
Original title: Тръпко Василев и постоянната художествена галерия

Category: Modern Bulgarian ArtContemporary Bulgarian Art
Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English

   The first private art salon in Sofia was called the Permanent Art Gallery and was established in the spring of 1910 by the young entrepreneur and painter Trapko Vasilev. The enterprise soon gained prominence as the Trapko Gallery. Its existence spanned between 1910 and 1944. Trapko did not spare his enthusiasm, energy and support for the modern Bulgarian art in the interwar period. Running the gallery according to European standards Vasilev managed to build up an important artistic centre of the capital Sofia. Hence it would not be misleading to state, that Bulgarian art history of the period could be restored through the traces of activity of Trapko’s unique private initiative.

   In the book, the gallery of Trapko Vassilev is presented in the aspect of the urban planning of the capital, the artistic life, the exhibition halls, the sharp criticism and the memories of its creator. This richly illustrated edition presents the works of Trapko Vassilev and artists who exhibited in the gallery between 1910 and the 1940s.


Table of contents

Началото на пътя

Семейството на Тръпко Василев

Самостоятелните изложби и творчеството на Тръпко Василев

Чарът на Тръпковата галерия 19101927 г. „Изкарвам от бояджийството и тъй поддържам изкуството. Болен съм на тази тема  галерия“.


Тръпко и галерията

Страници от дейността на „Постоянната художествена галерия“

Приятелите и изложбите

Хроника на изложбите в Тръпковата галерия

Приносът на Тръпко Василев към облика на сградите


Документи и периодика

Каталози на творбите

Резюме на английски език

Тръпко Василев. Живот в дати

Използвана литература


Publisher Paradigma
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 262
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-326-438-4
Creation date 2020
Size 17 х 20 cm

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