Digitalization of cultural-historical heritage: Collected papers
Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English

Table of cotnents /summaries/


National strategy for Digitalization of cultural-historical heritage

S. Stoyanov. Aplication of sortware DAGIS 4.0

D. Iliev. The Greek inscriptions from Bulgaria online: The lond road from stone to screen

G. Dinev. Technical resources for access to information for the museum public

K. Sotirova. Methodology for digitalization of the cultural-historical heritage

S. Bizeranova. Digitalization in drawing up scientific passports and related issues in Regional Historical Museum  Vidin

I. Atanasova. Creation a scientific passport in the DAGIS 4.0 Information system

T. Spiridonov. Cataloging or archaeological finds with the DAGIS 4.0 Information system

S. Yanakieva. The unrealized digitalization of the Thracian language relicts

B. Stoimenova. The Largo of Sofia: Problems and solutions

G. Atanasova. Digitalization in Regional Historical Museum  Shumen (Response and feedback)

N. Stamatova. Preparation of 3D model of archaeological sites, buildings, fragments and details through automatic transformation of 2D data. Examples of the territory of the city of Varna. The application of methods for preparing a database for development of software for augmented reality 

Дигитализация на културно-историческото наследство

Publisher Dios
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 200
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-8405-69-0
Creation date 2018
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