Proceedings of the international symposium Strymon praehistoricus, KjustendilBlagoevgrad (Bulgaria) and SerresAmphipolis (Greece), 27.09-01.10.2004 (In the Steps of James Harvey Gaul, vol. 2)


Table of contents


H. Todorova. Die paleoklimatische Entwicklung in VII–I Jt. vor Chr.

B. Weninger, E. Alram-Stern, E. Bauer, L. Clare, U. Danzeglocke,O. Joris, C. Kubatzki, G. Rollefson, H. Todorova, T. van Andel.  Abrupt Climate Forcing Observed at Early Neolithic Sites in South-East Europe and the Near East

E. Clasen. Social Network Analysis of Neolithic Societies

Ch. Koukouli-Chryssanthaki, H. Todorova, I. Aslanis, I. Vajsov, M. Valla. Promachon-Topolnica. A Greek-Bulgarian Archaeological Project

I. Vajsov. Promachon-Topolnica. A typology of Painted Decorationsand Its Use as a Chronological Marker

F. Falkenstein. Tierdarstellungen und "Stierkult" im Neolithikum Sudosteuropas und Anatoliens

K. Băčvarov. Where Do Children Belong? Neolithic Burials in Western Bulgaria

Г. Ганецовски. Нови сведения за ранния неолит в Северозападна България

J. Pavuk. Die Entstehungund Gliederung der neolithischen Kulturen auf dem Zentralbalkan: Fallbeispiel Gălăbnik

A. Bakamska. Tell Gălăbnik. Architecture and Site Planning

С. Чохаджиев, А. Бакъмска, Л. Нинов. Крайници раннокерамично селище от басейна на река Струма

V. Vandova. The Early Neolithic Site at Piperkov Čiflik, near Kjustendil (Season 2004)

M. Bogdanović. Proto-Starčevo Culture and Early Neolithic in the Struma Valley

L. Perničeva. La periodisation des sites prehistoriques dans la vallee de la Strouma moyenne

S. Čochadžiev. Das Frühchalkolithikum des Strymon bereichs

S. Terzijska–Ignatova. Some observations on zoomorphic images from Western Bulgaria

V.Genadieva. Prehistoric settlements on the province of Kjustendil

P.Darcque, H.Koukouli-Chyssanthaki, D.Malamidou, R.Treuil, Z. Tsirtsoni. Recent researchers at the neolithic settlement of Dikili Tash, Eastern Macedonia, Greece: An Ooverview

М. Pappa. Neolithic Societies: Recent Evidence from Northern Greece

I. Duridanov. Linguistische Angaben über die Namen der Flüsse Axios, Strymon, Nestos

M. Grębska-Kulowa, I. Kulow. Prehistoric Sites in the Middle Struma Valley between the End of the VIIth mill. BC and the Beginning of the Ist Mill. BC

D. Malamidou. Kryoneri: A Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Settlement in the Lower Strymon Valley

J. Bojadziev. Absolute Chronology of the Neolithic and Eneolithic Cultures in the Valley of Struma

S. Papadopoulos. Decline of the Painted Pottery in Eastern Macedonia and North Aegean at the End of the Final Neolithic/Chalcolithic Period

P. Georgieva. On the Late Stages of the Krivdol-Salcuţa Culture

J. Yakar. The Ethno-Cultural Affiliation of the North Anatolian Early Bronze Age

K. Luci. Dating the Donja Brnjica Culture Based on Metal Finds

M. Valla. A Late Bronze Age Cemetery in Faia Petra, East of the Middle Strymon Valley

S. Alexandrov, V. Petkov, G. Ivanov. The Late Bronze Age Necropolis in the Town of Sandanski, Southwest Bulgaria

M. Stefanovich, I. Kulov. Krsto Pokrovnik Excavations at a Late Bronze Age Site in the Middle Struma River Valley, Southwest Bulgaria. Preliminary Results  2004 Season

S. Andreou, K. Psaraki. Tradition and Innovation in the Bronze Age Pottery of the Thessaloniki Toumba. Food and Drink Consumption and “Tableware” Ceramics

W. David. Bronzezeitliche Goldornate aus Süddeutschland und ihre donauländisch-balkanischen Beziehungen

D. Mitrevski. The Beginning of the Iron Age in Macedonia

K. Wardle, M. Newton, P. Kuniholm. Troy VIIB2 revisited

T. Popova, E. Marinova. Palaeobotanical Data in South-Western Region of Bulgaria

Н. Илиев, Н. Спасов. Промахон-Тополница. Компаративно изследване на дивите и домашни животни от сектор Тополница

S. Valamoti. Agriculture and Use of Space at Promachon/Topolnica. Preliminary Observations on the Archaeological Material

E. Božilova, S. Tonkov. Palaeoecological Evidence of the Main Postglacial Vegetation and Climate Changes in Southwestern Bulgaria from the Neolithic to Modern Times

Publisher Gerda Henkel Stiftung
Language English–Bulgarian–German–French
Pages 544
Illustrations b&w and color photographs, drawings
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-8191-11-1
Creation date 2007
Size 21 х 29 cm

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