The Turks of Bulgaria: History, Traditions, Culture
Authors: Anthony Georgieff, Bozhidar Aleksiev, Dimana Trankova, Doroteya Dobreva, Ivanka Vlaeva, Galina Lozanova, Orlin Sabev, Radko Popov, Yordanka Bibina. Language: English

Table of contents

Preface. Not in black-and-white

Who are the Turks of Bulgaria?

Turkish and Muslim minorities in Bulgaria

Journey of faith

Architecture, arts, literature

Folklore and traditional feasts

Music and dance

Turkish and/or Bulgarian?


Forced migrations and name-changings



About the authors


Publisher Vagabond Media
Language English
Pages 188
Illustrations color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-92306-9-7
Creation date 2012
Size 22 х 21 cm

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