The Tomb of King Seuthes III in Golyama Kosmatka Tumulus 
Diana Dimitrova. Language: English-Bulgarian (bilingual)


Table of contents


Research history of tumular embankment and underground facility in Golyma Kosmatka Tumulus


Preliminary data

Tumular necropolis

Shape and sizes of Golyama Kosmatka tumulus

Facility in Golyama Kosmatka Tumlus


First Façade


Corridor filling

Second façade

First septal wall

Doorstep to first chamber

First chamber

Entry to second chamber

Septal wall to second chamber


Second chamber

Entry to third chamber

Third chamber

Facility  type, building techniques, building date and authorship

1st stage

2nd stage

3rd stage

Burial ritual

Human remains

Other structures and facilities discovered in studied southern part of the embankment and pre-façade  area of the tomb in Golyama Kosmatka tumulus

Large rough stone

Stone cluster

Bronze head of a statue

Fire traces

Horse burial/sacrifice

Burial gifts

General layout of objects at time of discovery

Other finds outside third chamber

Type of finds

Gold oak wreath


Defensive items


Greaves (shin-guards)

Pectoral (collar)

Leather armor

Offensive items



Gold-hilt knife


Gold kylix

Silver (oinochoe type) jug

Silver (calyx type) phiale

Bronze askos

Bronze patera

Objects relevant to personal hygiene



Personal belongings

Game and entertainment items

Pyxis (clamshell container)

Gold horse trappings


Round appliqués

Oval cheek-pieces

Other elements of the harness

Clay amphorae

Dates of burial and last entry into facility

Use and function of the underground facility

Brief history of king Kotys I

Brief history of king Seuthes III

Conclusion: Possible reconstruction of the events

Catalogue of the finds

Conservation and restoration of Golyma Kosmatka tumulus finds

Appendix 1: G. Mavrov. Conservation and restoration of Golyma Kosmatka tumulus finds

Appendix 2: G. Mavrov, P. Penkova. Conservation and restoration of the sword scabbard and blade of king Seuthes III from Golyma Kosmatka tumulus

Photographs  working situations during Golyma Kosmatka excavations


About the author

Гробницата на цар Севт ІІІ в могила Голяма Косматка

Publisher AROS
Language English-Bulgarian (bilingual)
Pages 378
Illustrations color figures, drawings
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-9873-94-8
Creation date 2015
Size 21 х 29 cm

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