Stoyan Popov. The Maces from the Present Bulgarian Lands (10th17th c. AD). Vatevi Collection 
In English with summaries in French and German

The book presents a detailed catalogue of 417 medieval maces, kept in the private collection Vatevi, Bulgaria.


Table of contents



Chapter one. The maces from the today’s Bulgarian territories  studies

Chapter two. The maces of the Bulgarian Middle Ages. Problems of the terminology. Representations on works of fine arts

Chapter three. The maces from the today’s Bulgarian territories (10th17th c.): Typology and an attempt on chronology

I. Barrel-shaped maces with buds

II. Small-sized cubic four-knobs bronze maces

III. Barrel-shaped of bi-conical maces

IV. Barrel-shaped with surface covered with rhombs

V. Flat four-know maces

VI. Cubic maces with four pyramid knobs

VII. Prismatic maces with four pyramidal knobs

VIII. Spherical maces with cubic knobs

IX. Spherical maces with conic knobs

X. Spherical maces with prolonged pyramidal knobs

XI. Spiral-shaped maces

XII. Prolonged maces

XIII. Star-shaped maces with 12 knobs

XIV. Star-shaped maces with more than 12 knobs

XV. Cubic polygonal maces

XVI. Barrel-shaped maces with vertical flanges

XVII. Polygonal vertical flanges with a short sleeve

XVIII. The maces of the type are characteristic of their elongated shape

XIX. Cylindrical/ conical maces with three rows of spikes shaped as a whole or truncated pyramid

XX. Maces with a long shaft terminating in a compact fighting head

XXI. Maces with a long shaft terminating in a fighting head composed of vertical flanges




Les massues du territoire Bulgare d’aujourd’hui (XXVII s.) (Résumé)

Keulen auf dem Territorium des heutigen Bulgarians (10.17. Jahrhundert) (Zusammenfassung)

Боздуганите от днешните български земи (X–XVII век)

Publisher Ivrai
Language English with summaries in French and German
Pages 546
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-322-624-5
Creation date 2015
Size 21 х 29 cm

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