The Black Death 13461353: The Complete History
Language: English. 
Category: Medieval Europe


      The Black Death was a disaster of such magnitude that it not only shook the Old World to its economic and social foundations, but changed the course of human history. Yet this book is the first comprehensive history and assessment of its progress and of the death and devastation it left in its wake, in all the countries through which it passed.
      The many local studies on the Black Death published in a variety of languages and scholarly papers have been collected and thoroughly analysed. The medical and epidemiological characteristics of the disease, its geographical origin, its spread across Asia Minor, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe and the mortality in the countries and regions for which there are satisfactory studies, are clearly presented and discussed. The pattern, pace and seasonality of spread revealed through close scrutiny of these studies exactly reflect current medical work and standard studies on the epidemiology of bubonic plague.
      Benedictow's findings relating to the mortality caused by the Black Death are based on the meticulous study and synthesis of all available demographic studies. This book makes it clear that the true mortality rate was far higher than has been previously thought. In the light of these findings, the discussion in the last part of the book showing the Black Death as a turning point in history takes on a new significance.


Publisher Boydell Press
Language English
Pages 454
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 9781843832140
Creation date 2004
Size 16 х 24 cm

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