Terra Antiqua Balcanica V: Studies on settlement life in Ancient Thrace
English, German, French


Table of contents


V. Velkov. Excavations and Studies at Kabyle: 19821986

K. Vlahov. The Thracian Settlement

A. Pejkov. The Fort of the Old Thracian City of Eumolpia

P. Balabanov. The Citites of Ancient Thrace before the Campaigns of Philip II

Z. Gocheva. The Cities of Thrace and the Colonization of Philip II

M. Domaradski. Kabyle and the Thracian Cities

G. Trohani, V. Zirra, N. Conovici. Le système defensive de la citadelle Gète de Coţofenii din Dos (dép. Dolj  Roumanie)

I. Karajotov. The Antique and the Mediaeval Port at the Mouth of the River Ropotamo

L. Getov. The Trade and Economic Relations of Kabyle (4th1st Century B.C.) (After Data Obtained from Ceramic Epigraphics)

D. Draganov. Chronology of the Autonomous Coinage of Kabyle

V. Naydenova. The Rock Shrines in Thrace

Z. Zdravkova, D.Ivanov. Contribution to Thracian Religious Practice

D. Gergova. The Find at Rogozen  A Source on the Religious and Political Life in Thrace at the End of the 5th Century B.C.

A. Milcheva. Sacrificial Altars of the Hellenistic Age in Kabyle

T. Stoyanov. On the Cult of Artemis in Kabyle (4th1st Century B.C.)

K. Rabadzhiev. The Cult of Heracles in Kabyle (Problems of Its Penetration in Thrace)

N. Vasileva. Kabyle Military Camp

L. Slokoska. The Architecture of Pautalia Depicted in Numismatic Material and Epigraphic Monuments

V. Gerasimova. A Clay Seal and a Lead Matrix from the Collection of Jambol District Historical Museum

K. Koycheva. Settlement Development in Lower Moesia in Late Antiquity

D. Nikolov. Mezideva  A Thracian Settlement in Late Antiquity

R. Hožek. Orthodoxe und Häretiker in Alltagsleben Thrakiens im 4. Jahrhundert u. Z.

M. Vaklinova. Problems of the Christian Topography of Inhabited Localities in Thrace and Moesia (4th7th Century)

A. Biernacki. Remarks on the Basilika and Episcopal Residence at Novae

D. Dimitrova. The Jambol Fort  Results of the Archaeological Study

D. Sazalov. Astronomical Knowledge as Reflected in the Thracian Shrine of Zaychi Vrah in Kabyle

G. Ribarov. Impoverishment of the Mammal Fauna in the Surroundings of Kabyle (1st Millennium B.C. — 6th Century A.D.)


Publisher International Association Terra Antiqua Balcanica
Language English, German, French
Pages 224
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
Creation date 1990
Size 16 х 24 cm

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