The talking dead. Volume 2: Past and Present of Biological Anthropology. The Heritage of Török Aurél’s Oeuvre. New results from ancient tuberculosis and leprosy research (Bibliotheca Mvsei Marisiensis. Series Archaeologica XVII)
Language: English


Table of contents

G. Farkas, Z. Bereczki. The life and work of Török Aurél

W. Berthon, B. Tihanyi, L. Révész, O. Dutour, H. Coqueugniot, G. Pálfi. The identification of horse riding through the analysis of entheseal changes: Methodological considerations

M. Constantinescu, A. Soficaru. Historical evidence of Tuberculosis in Bucharest (Romania)

S. Gál, C. Dudás, M. Gábor, G. Fleischer, B. Kerekes. Dental morphometric analysis of Medieval and Early Modern artefacts from Mureş County, Romania

A. Hegyi, E. Molnár, B. Tihanyi, L. Kiss, Z. Bereczki, A. Marcsik. Varieties and characteristics of sternal developmental anomalies in human osteoarchaeological remains

L. Kis, A. Marcsik, O. Spekker, B. Tihanyi, W. Berthon, A. Palkó, I. Pap, E. Molnár, Z. Bereczki, G. Pálfi. Paleopathological study and graphical reconstruction of a 7th8th century spinal TB case

E. Neparáczki, Z. Maróti, T. Kalmár, K. Kocsy, K. Maál, P. Bihari, I. Nagy, E. Fóthi, I. Pap, Á. Kustár, G. Pálfi, I. Raskó, A. Zink, T. Török. Mitogenomic data imply a significant Asian Hun component in the Hungarian Conquerors wich was admixed with europeans of Srubnaya origins

O. Spekker, D. Hunt, L. Paja, O. Váradi, E. Molnár, G. Pálfi. Endocranial bony changes probably related to Tuberculous Meningitis: Example cases from the Robert J. Terry Anatomical Skeletal Collection (Washington, DC, USA)

O. Spekker, B. Tihanyi, Z. Bereczki, A. Kósa, S. Lehoczki, G. Pálfi, E. Molnár. Probable cases of Tuberculosis from the 10th11th century AD cemetery of Eperjes-Ifjú Gárda TSZ. (Csongrád County, Hungary)

T. Szeniczey, T. Hajdú, A. Marcsik. Skeletal remains of the Gepid period in the Great Hungarian Plain. Litrature review

B. Tihanyi, O. Spekker, W. Berthon, L. Kis, Z. Bereczki, E. Molnár, O. Dutour, L. Révész, G. Pálfi. Sports Medicine and sports Traumatology aspects of archery. Anatomical data for the better understanding of the archery-related skeletal changes

O. Váradi, D. Rakk, O. Spekker, G. Terhes, E. Urbán, Z. Bereczki, C. Vágvölgyi, G. Pálfi, A. Szekeres. Differentiation between Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and the non Tuberculous Mycobacterium Gordonae via high resolution mass spectrometric technique

Publisher Editura Mega
Language English
Pages 448
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-606-543-127-0
Creation date 2019
Size 21 х 29 cm

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