Studia in memoriam Ivani Galabov (Bulletin du Musee national de Bourgas, vol. 3 /2000). In Bulgarian with summaries in English


Table of contents /summary/


T. Drazheva. Prof. Iyan Galabov (19181978)

Selected Bibliography of Prof. Galabov

A. Fol. Forty Years After

M. Lazarov. The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast during the Archaic Period: State of Investigations

H. Angelova. The Forty Year Anniversary of Bulgarian Underwater Archaeology

T. Stoyanov. The Contacts of Northeastern Thrace with Anatolia, Caucasus and the Near East during the Early Iron Age until the Time of the Greek Colonization

L. Ognenova. А Terracota from Messambria: А Portrait of Arsinoe III

I. Karayotov. Messambria and the Rulers of Coastal Thrace (According to Numismatic Evidence)

J. Chimbuleva, D. Kozhuhrarov. New Finds from the Necropolis of Messambria

D. Sasselov. Architectonic Speculations about a Recent Discovery in Nessebar

P. Balabanov. Relative Classification and Chronology of the Incised Amphora Stamps

P. Кiyashkina. One Uninvestigated Archaeological Site on the Territory of Bourgas

V. Lgnatov. Two Finds from the Black Sea Region in the Collection of the Nova Zagora Museum

G. Sheyleva. Chronological Parallels of Two Pairs of Earrings in the Museum of Bourgas

B. Borissov. The 11th12th Centuries Ceramic Production in Northeastern Thrace

D. Momchilov. The Early Christianity and the Development of the Church until the End of the 7th Century

M. Balbolova. The Ceramics from the Sredets Fortification and Its Trade Contacts with the Black Sea Coast during the 7th9th Centuries

K. Porozhanov. The Sunken Ship near Urdoviza (Preliminary Notes)

T. Raichevska. Notes on the Toponyms between Burgas and Sozopol According to the Donation Act of Bayazid II from 1493

C. Gospodinov. Pyrgos and Poros/Poro: Written, Cartographic and Archaeological Data against One Groundless Localization

L. Petrinski. The Monastery of “Sv. Ivan Predtecha and Krastitel” on the Island of Sv. Ivan (1467/711629)


Известия на Народния музей Бургас, том 3 / 2000

Publisher Archaeological museum – Burgas
Language Bulgarian summaries in English
Pages 192
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
Creation date 2000
Size 16 х 24 cm

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