Northeastern Bulgaria: Geographical and archaeological characteristics
Североизточна България в географско и археологическо отношение
Second edition; Language: Bulgarian


   The edition includes two studies by Karel and Hermengild Shkorpil, published in 1892, dedicated to the geographical features and historical monuments in Northeastern Bulgaria. The Preslav, Kamchia, Provadia, Avren, Shumen mountains, the Deliorman hills and the Black Sea coast have been studied. The main attention is paid to archeological sites such as the Devtashlars (sites of erected stones) near Pliska; rock-cut monuments, caves, tombs and altars in Dobrudja, Yailata, Tyulenovo, Kamen Bryag, Kaliakra, Aladzha Monastery; cave sanctuaries and churches in the regions of Dobrich, Krushari, Kaynardzha, Provadia, Devnya; Roman roads on the territory of the towns of Ruen, Pomorie, Nessebar, Byala, Dolni Chiflik etc.


Publisher Shambala
Language Bulgarian with a summary in French
Pages 200
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-319-255-7
Creation date 2020
Size 14 х 21 cm

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