Studia Archaeologica Universitatis Serdicensis: Volume 4 / 2008
Language: Bulgarian, English with summaries in English, Russian and German


Table of contents

I. Articles and Reports

L. Leshtakov. Engraved Decoration on Bronze Spearheads during the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age in Southeastern Europe (summary)

R. Ivanova, N. Todorova. Archaeological Excavations of Zaportite Sai Late Bronze Age Site, Chirpan Region (Some Aspects of the Settlement Patterns in Upper Thrace 15th — 12th Century BC) (summary)

Г. Кузманов. Коллекция античных ламп в Историческом музее  Плевен. Часть II (summary)

E. Пенчева. Новые находки фибул, произходящие из области Хасково (summary)

В. Пенчев. Редкая билонвая скифата Алексия I Комнина, найденная во время археологических раскопок в Силистре (summary)

C. Kirilov. Das Hauptstadtproblem im frühmittelalterlichen Bulgarien in gesamteuropäischer Perspektive (summary)

A. Angelov. The Akathist to the Holy Vrirgin and Its Place in Late Medieval Wall-painnting in Bulgaria (16th  First Half of the 17th C.) (Historic/Dogmatic Scenes) (full text)

II. Annals of Archaeological Excavations

E. Pencheva. Roman Age Finds from the site Dana Bunar I near the Village of Georgi Dobrevo, Municipality of Lyubimets, Season 2006 (summary)

P. Delev. A Hellenistic Tyrsis on Zaichi Vrah above the Ancient City of Cabyle (summary)

III. Varia

R. GeorigevaThe culture of the Thracians and their Neighbous. Proceedings of the International Symposiu in Memory of Prof. Mieczyslaw Domaradzki, with a Round Table “Archaeological Map of Bulgaria”. Edited by Jan Bouzek and Lidia Domaradzka  BAR, International Series 1350, 2005 (Review. In Bulgarian)


Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language Bulgarian, English with summaries in English, Russian and German
Pages 208
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1312-7284
Creation date 2014
Size 21 x 29 cm

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