Volume II of the Archaeology of the Bulgarian Lands in divided into three parts: part I. deal with urban planning and architecture in Roman Thrace and Moesia. The emphasis in part II. is on villages (vici) and villas in the Bulgarian lands in the antiquity. Part III. is devoted on glass and on the numerous find of bone and horn in Roman Thrace and Moesia.


Table of contents /summary/


R. Ivanov. The Street Network in Thrace and Moesia (Upper and Lower Moesia)

I. Tsurov. The Water Supply System of Towns from Roman Times and Late Antiquity

R. Ivanov. Sewers in Thrace and Moesia (Upper and Lower Moesia)

S. Boyadzhiev. Roman Baths (Thermae) in Bulgarian Lands II  III C.A.D.

R. Ivanov, M. Martinova-Kyutova, V. Kolarova, J. Velichkov, K. Kalchev. Buildings and Facilities for Public Events and Recreations II  IV C.A.D.)

V. Dinchev. Agrarian Settlements from the Roman Period in Present Day Bulgaria

R. Ivanov. Construction Ceramics from the Lower Reaches of the Danube

A. Cholakova. Roman Glass Vessels from Bulgaria (1st  3rd centuries AD)

P. Vladkova. Processing of Bone and Horn in the Present Day Bulgarian Lands during the Roman Period and Late Antiquity


Publisher Ivray
Language Bulgarian with an extended summaries in English
Pages 288
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-9388-02-6
Creation date 2006
Size 21 х 29 cm

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