Table of contents /summary/

I. Tsurov. Leading Methods for the Study of Settlements from the Roman Period

P. Vladkova. Methods for the Documentation of Archaeological Material

S. Torbatov. Terminology on Fortifications throughout the Roman and Early Byzantine Age

M. Tatcheva. Über die römischen Provinzen Moesia Inferior und Thracia (I.III. Jh.)

S. Torbatov. Road Network in Thrace and Moesia (IstIIIrd C.A.D.)   

R. Ivanov. Legions, Auxiliary Units and the Fleet

R. Ivanov. The Roman Army in Moesia and Thrace

E. Gentcheva. Armaments in the Roman Army during the Principate

R. Ivanov. Architecture and Layout of Roman Military Camps during the Principate

R. Ivanov. CastraCanabaeVicus

S. Boyadjiev. Design, Construction Technology, Mechanization and Organization of the Construction of the Roman Buildings in Thrace and Moesia in the IInd  IIIrd Century Period

Z. Dimitrov. Typology of the Architectonic Details in Lower Moesia and Thrace during the Roman Period (Ist  IIIrd C.A.D.

I. Topalilov. Urban Squares. The Development of the Roman Forum and Agora. General Notes and Specific Elements

R. Ivanov, P. Vladkova, M. Martinova, V. Kolarova. Urban Squares in Moesia and Thrace



Археология на българските земи, Том 1 


Publisher Ivray
Language Bulgarian with extended summaries in English and German
Pages 316
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-9388-02-6
Creation date 2004
Size 21 х 29 cm

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